Nibiru Causing California Earthquake Swarms, says Dr. Trowbridge

While deadly wildfires continue burning through large swaths of the Golden State, another potentially hazardous event has largely gone unreported by the mainstream media or addressed by California’s governing body. In the last twenty-four hours, forty-six earthquakes—more than twice the average for a given day—have rattled and shook the southern part of the state. This alarming increase in seismic activity is linked to the presence of a brown dwarf star with multiple planets encroaching on the inner solar system, says Nibiru whistle-blower and former USGS climatologist Dr. Ethan Trowbridge.

Although earthquakes are prevalent in California, the majority occurs near the san-Andrea’s fault and is a byproduct of shifting tectonic plates beneath the ground.  He attributes the recent spike in earthquakes to gravitational stress and an ongoing geomagnetic shift that began once Nibiru emerged from behind the sun. The brown dwarf star is approximately thirteen Jupiter masses, and the outermost orbital—Nibiru—is four times the size and six-to-eight times the mass of Earth. Despite their current distance, the astronomical anomalies exert sufficient force to influence the climate both above and below ground.

“This is just the beginning of the California swarms,” Dr. Trowbridge said. “Earlier this summer, Yellowstone had over 3,000 quakes, many of which either went unreported or were inaccurately downgraded by the USGS. As Nibiru gets closer, the quakes—along with other climatological events—will grow exponentially. Unfortunately, many are ignoring the problem.”

He said he believes complacency will cost lives; most Californians, he argues, are oblivious to the threat looming beneath their feet. By accepting strong tremors as normal, they will be caught off guard by, and ill prepared to survive, a major event like a mega quake.

“They’ll be totally blindsided, and the loss of life will be catastrophic,” Dr. Trowbridge said. “They are not being properly warned, which the government, if it cared, could do without evening mentioning the world Nibiru. Instead, they continue ignoring quakes or fudging Richter Scale numbers so as not to frighten people. When they [USGS] warn people, they routinely manipulate dates, times, and severities to fit their agenda.”

He disputes an erroneous 2015 USGS study that states a major California earthquake will not occur for another thirty years; the USGS and its co-conspirators have concealed evidence proving Nibiru will drastically reshape the planet sometime around 2020. The current quake swarms, he adds, are precursors to calamitous disasters likely to strike anywhere and everywhere, without warning.

“Just because a tremor is small is not a reason for it to be ignored,” Dr. Trowbridge said. “Additionally, we are witnessing quakes in atypical locations, like Delaware. If the quake doesn’t cause real damage, it gets ignored. That’s a dangerous mentality. Everyone, regardless of geographical location, should be monitoring quake activity in and around their surrounding area.”

Asked if California was in imminent danger, he said the threat of a super quake is not exclusive to California, but what occurs on the west coast may prove to be a harbinger for what happens elsewhere in the nation.


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  • Michael Tracy

    Michael, Please go to the DUTCHSINCE Channel on YOUTUBE and study under
    him for a while and recreate his method of forecasting Earthquakes. I do
    this almost everyday for the last two years and it works.That 4.1 in
    Delaware was part of Dutchsince forecast. Go to his forecast for this
    week and like 24 out of 27 places forecast were hit with several days
    left in the forecast to go. Southern CA is in a slow slip event right
    now. That means two plates are sliding along one another not going
    underneath each other. Earthquake pressure travels across the USA kinda
    like weather patterns do. Nibiru could possibly be the reason for an
    increase but I have not seen anything that unusal yet. I will say that
    the USGS and other agencies routinely mask or hide EQs so not to draw
    attention to an uptick in movement. Dutch proves this time and time
    again. I will say this, most if not all EQ movement starts off as deep
    EQs in the West Pacific. The pressure travels along faults and even
    across plates in a pretty predictable direction. Michael, I can forecast
    EQs without looking at Dutch’s own forecast. I’m about 65% That guy
    Dutch is amazing!!!! The USGS and top Professionals are always blasting
    him. The guy should win the Nobel Prize. He is listed as fake news if
    that tell you anything. Nibiru News,Info Wars, William Mount,Dutchsince
    musut all be on the shit list because I am unable to get any
    notifications from them anymore. Dutch can forecast EQs within 200 miles
    of where they will strike and within 1.0 Magnitude. If the quakes do
    not meet that criteria he considers it a forecast miss. I want to call
    in tonight and talk about EQs but all my info comes from Dutch and this
    is Nibiru News Channel. I am going to email you last weeks forecast. You
    can fact check yourself just by going to USGS and looking for those EQs
    on their feed. If and when Nibiru starts causing anomalies,he will be
    the first to spot them and discuss it.

    • Fake Astronomy

      Nibiru is fake and not causing any earthquakes…Hell anyone can make an earthquake predictions they happen everyday some where…And rogue planets do not cause earthquakes on the Earth…..