Nibiru Causing Venus To Brighten, says R.I.T. Astronomer

One need not be a professional stargazer to have noticed the unusually bright pinprick of light illuminating the heavens. Venus, the scorching, sulfurous planet discovered by Galileo in 1610, has been a nocturnal companion to anyone peering into the cosmos this winter. But why Venus has markedly brightened is a question that has allegedly baffled some of society’s brightest minds, including many prominent astronomers and astrophysicists. A Cornell-educated astronomer and Rochester Institute of Technology astronomy professor believes he has an explanation—Nibiru.

Dr. Richard Stephen Hathaway had first learned of the Nibiru system while attending an astronomy symposium in Perth. During the lectures, a colleague of his violated policy and began a power point presentation about Nibiru, hypothesizing that Nibiru’s lateral position, relative to the inner solar system, was responsible for increased surface temperatures within the dark star’s sphere of influence. That presenter had been dragged off the stage for embracing a taboo subject eschewed by mainstream academia.

But Dr. Hathaway had found merit in that hypothesis and clandestinely used his spare time to learn all he could about the dark star and its seven companion planets. Having studied the teachings of Zachharia Sitchen and famed naval astronomer Robert Sutton Harrington, Dr. Hathaway unearthed a correlation between the heating and the brightening of the inner planets.

“There is no doubt Nibiru is responsible,” Dr. Hathaway told our source. “Once Nibiru completed its first cycle around the dark side of the sun and achieved breakaway speed, Venus became much brighter. Several factors are responsible for this dramatic change. First, although the brown dwarf star at the center of the Nibiru system casts very little visible light of its own, it does reflect and refract light directed at it—shedding light at 1600 angstroms.  In essence, it acts like a prism, largely because of the dense clouds of red iron dust. Light from the sun strikes Nibiru, and is reflected at Venus, causing an increase in luminosity.”

He says he has observed Venus every night this winter, weather and astronomical conditions permitting, and has discovered an alarming truth: over a period of 120 days, Venus has increased in brightness by a magnitude of fifty. This marked change, he said, should have triggered a worldwide response to the impending Nibiru apocalypse.

“Imagine if Proxima Centuri suddenly exploded in space,” Dr. Hathaway said, “its visibility would mirror how Venus now appears in the sky. This is unprecedented. People deserve to know. Despite Trump’s best efforts, dark forces are still working behind the scenes to conceal the Nibiru truths. Soon, very soon, Venus will be as bright as a full moon in a cloudless sky.”

Nibiru’s auxiliary posterior position relative to its elongated elliptical orbit, he added, has created an effect he calls the Carbolic Point. In non-technical language, Nibiru’s dynamic interaction with our own sun is generating enough electricity to increase surface temperatures on all planets in the solar system, including Earth, resulting in geothermic instability.

“This conductive heating is another reason Venus has brightened,” Dr. Hathaway explained. “Think of a fire—the hotter it gets, the brighter it gets. Same principle.”

According to Dr. Hathaway, Nibiru’s transit through the inner solar system will likely cause Earth to brighten in July or August this year; moreover, he predicts a 3c increase in global surface temperatures, an event likely to herald the end of the industrial revolution and plunge society back to the Bronze Age.

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