Nibiru Climate Change Destroying Earth

Events like record-setting heat, unbearable cold spells, extreme rainfall, deadly droughts, unprecedented volcanic eruptions, and catastrophic earthquakes will worsen as Nibiru inches toward the inner solar system, says Nibiru whistle-blower and former USGS climatologist Dr. Ethan Trowbridge.

And Nibiru’s expected point of perigee will worsen the risk of moderate climatological catastrophes becoming full-blown biblical disasters. When Nibiru last grazed our solar system in approximately 1500 BC, the outermost orbital positioned itself between Earth and Mars at a distance of about 100 million miles, and Mars took the brunt of Nibiru’s wrath. In his private memoirs, deceased Serbian astronomer Milorad B. Protić claimed Planet X desiccated the Martian landscape and caused the extinction of a thriving Martian population. Dr. Trowbridge supports this claim and fears what happened to Mars will happen to Earth.

“Most scientists willing to speak on the subject agree that this time Nibiru will pass much closer to Earth, between our planet and the sun, at a distance of 0.3 astronomical units. That is only thirty million miles, the same distance Nibiru was to mars. This time, Nibiru and the sun will interact electrically, creating a cascading series of events likely to reshape the face of the planet. What happened 3600 years ago will be a walk in the park compared to what we’re in store for.”

If Nibiru causes ocean and surface temperatures to rise only five degrees Celsius above pre-industrials levels—a likely scenario—the danger of calamitous events could increase by eighty percent across many parts of the globe. North America, East Asia, Europe, and parts of South America would be left uninhabitable because powerful cyclones, typhoons, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, and other atmospheric phenomena would tear apart the planet in a maelstrom of endless destruction. Survivors would experience extreme hardship just to stay alive in the wake of Nibiru’s passage.

These conclusions, Dr. Trowbridge said, are founded not only on historical data but also on imperial research conducted by NASA and the USGS during secret meetings held to determine what hope humanity has of surviving Nibiru’s next encounter with our planet.

“USGS and NASA began collecting data in the early 2000s,  and their clandestine gatherings continue to this day. They keep the information secret; they know revealing the truth will cause an immediate societal and economic collapse. Large areas of the world have already experienced an exponential increase in severe events, they found, and it will only worsen as Nibiru continues its deadly approach.”

While NASA and the USGS’s findings focus primarily on the United Sates, projections suggest Africa, Australia, and South America will see similar, if not larger, increases in severe events, as well. If Dr. Trowbridge is correct, a Nibiru-induced pole shift will cause the oceans to emerge from their basins, generating mammoth tidal waves that will wash hundreds of miles inland across unprotected terrain. Coastal cities will cease to exist.

“Other nations have also created ensemble models that make similar predictions. The climax will be a plethora of atmospheric and geological events, one rippling after another.”

Asked what spots on Earth might be safest, Dr. Trowbridge refused to speculate. He said he is not a prophet and is merely sharing information he learned at the USGS. In closing, he says humankind must pay attention to worldwide events—not only what’s happening in their backyard—and brace itself for a dark and dismal future the likes of which contemporary society has never seen.

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