Nibiru Earthquake Swarm Rattles California

“The time to get out of California is now,” says former USGS climatologist and Nibiru whistle-blower Dr. Ethan Trowbridge.

A swarm of more than 250 potentially deadly earthquakes has struck since New Year’s Eve along the California-Mexico border, alarming local residents. The USGS was quick to write off the incident, citing ‘typical and normal seismic instability along areas crossing the San Andreas Fault’ as reason for the tremors that almost sent some residents running for the hills.

However, Dr. Trowbridge and a handful of other Nibiru researches attribute the sudden increase in earthquakes to Nibiru’s proximity to Earth. According to Dr. Trowbridge, the USGS has cooperated with the government in concealing the impending Nibiru apocalypse. Camouflaging the genuine cause of the earthquakes, Dr. Trowbridge says, is the most recent example of the government’s treachery against citizens of the world.

“Earthquakes like these don’t happen for no reason,” Dr. Trowbridge said. “Sure, California is prone to naturally occurring quakes, but these quakes are not natural. Nibiru is currently perpendicular to Earth, swinging around the back side of the sun, and is in a heightened state of agitation. No place on Earth is safe, but coastal areas are particularly susceptible to Nibiru’s influence. Especially California.”

Dr. Trowbridge fears that Californians may underestimate the severity of the recent earthquakes, the strongest of which barely tripped the Richter scale at magnitude 3.9. Scientific data demonstrates that large numbers of low magnitude tremors are often a harbinger for catastrophic mega-quakes; without accounting for Nibiru, many scientists believe California is long overdue for a super-quake that will shake the state to its very foundations.

And Nibiru will make things worse.

Dr. Trowbridge urges Californians to watch Roland Emmerich’s movie 2012, in which California is devastated by a massive, life-ending quake.

“That movie was scientifically accurate! These people are blind to what’s going on around them,” Dr. Trowbridge said. “Can’t they see what’s happening? Nibiru’s distance to Earth and degree of angular deflection is causing dramatic heating of the Earth’s crust.”

He insists California is in grave danger, that the frequency and severity of Earthquakes will increase tenfold when Nibiru reaches perihelion some time later this year.

Asked whether he had any helpful tips for Californians, Dr. Trowbridge said, “Get out now, while there’s still time. Failing that, stock up on staples like canned tuna and Coca-Cola, this has a long shelf life. It’s only a matter of time before California beaks off and falls into the Pacific Ocean.”


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  • Waiting4Nibiru

    It’s a good thing there are people like Dr. Trowbridge around to sound the alarm. Hopefully he will convince DT to disclose Nibiru sooner than later.

  • FredSharp

    I disagree with Dr. Trowbridge. I’d rather the 38.8 million liberals living in CA stay where they are and fall into the ocean.

    • Waiting4Nibiru

      Doesn’t matter. Moving will only delay the inevitable. Like he said, no place on earth is safe. That is a true statement. Only through peace with the Lord and Savior can one hope to survive

      • matt janovic

        Very true. Except that, if you are downwind to a nuclear power station, you make it very complicated for the Good Lord to take care of you and yours.

        • JoshJacksonKY

          He’ll be fine. He has “The Crystal Child” to protect him.

          • matt janovic

            Does every nuke have its own protective angel, or can “The Crystal Child” cover all fallout areas?

    • matt janovic

      I had no idea there are so many of them.

  • JoshJacksonKY

    Let’s dissect:

    I hope you are earning royalties off that 2012 movie to be touting it here. It was universally panned by critics, and cited as one of the mot scientifically INACCURATE disaster films in motion picture history.

    No REAL scientist would tell people to stock up on tuna and coke.

    Perpendicular? Angle of Deflection? WHAT??!??!

    How are 1.2 – 3.0 tremors “potentially” deadly?

    Like always, there are just sooooooooo many things wrong with this story. I’ve just cherry picked a few of them.

    • matt janovic

      Perpendicular to the horizontal, precisely. Try it for a while, and let’s see how long before you utterly collapse.

    • matt janovic

      Obviously, Dr. Trowbridge is speaking to Californians, and knows the importance of tuna and Coca Cola to your average Californian. In Vermont, of course, the good doctor’s advice would be very different.

  • Squatch

    Always something telling in such divided , tumultuous reactions to a theory , if you prefer to be smoothed over with reassurance , NASA is there to coddle you , just like the helium and ionized particles giving your habitable zone , the biggest bear hug imaginable.

  • TomTom

    Thanks for the report. People i California need to pay attention

  • AbdielSchwitzer

    like all other, these website lies. planet nibiru is fakeness just made for scare people no one should believes it

    • matt janovic

      “Lies, lies, lies”, how many times have we heard this tiresome phrase?

      • AbdielSchwitzer

        If was truths i would say truths truths, not lies lies.but these website not truths matt janovic and you know these. so peoples tricks when reads these story

        • matt janovic

          Medvedev tricks.

    • Nattalia Chilcott

      Abdiel, perhaps you are scared – everyone is – but refusing to accept the truth does not help you….prepare yourself emotionally, psychologically, physically and spiritually for what is transpiring on our planet and solar system…it is a great time to be alive and witness this! Enjoy the whole show…this is a very rare occurrence. Death isn’t real…just the body dies…not the indweller of that body…you continue to live and then take/create a new body in a new womb somewhere in the galaxy, maybe earth again, maybe not….just like buying a new car when the old one no longer serves you!

      Perhaps this will help you to get a better understanding of what is transpiring in our galaxy and solar system:

      Peace and love and light!

  • Atkin Michaels

    My spirit lover Sam (an angel, guide, alien, entity, spirit, or whatever label you want to use), started giving me visions of this soon to pass event right after she made contact with me over three years ago. You can read about my experiences with her in my book series “My Spirit Lover.” You can also read about the important message she wanted me to share with the world about this topic at the link below, which goes to the blog page on my website. My third and final book in the series “Ritual Contact,” will be out in the next couple of months and will also contain this important message to humanity.

    It has started and the effects of this are now showing themselves in our own backyards. Time to take notice, wake up and prepare ourselves, both physically and spiritually for this imminent event!

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  • Itsover2016

    Well, if you have been watching space news and weather you can’t fake what is going on out there, its clear they are hiding Something big. The earths core is heating up, NASA has shut down all the important data instruments to the public, something is coming our way and of course they are not going to tell you a darn thing!