Nibiru Extinction Event Already Underway

Nibiru’s undeniable presence in our solar system has exacerbated the biological annihilation of wildlife across the globe in recent decades, says zoologist Dr. Peter Imhaus. He has sterling credentials; he earned his doctorate at Idaho State University and later worked for the US Fish and Wildlife Services, National Park Service, and the US Department of agriculture. He learned about Nibiru, he said, while collaborating with the USGS in 2010. His employer handed him a series of documents that forever changed his life. A brown dwarf star, the document stated, was hurtling toward Earth and would likely spawn environmental and ecological catastrophes before reaching perigee to Earth sometime in first half of the 21st Century.

A modern day Noah, Dr. Imhaus was tasked with studying Nibiru’s effect on animals and devising a plan to protect certain species against radical climate change. When forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement forbidding him from discussing knowledge of Nibiru with outside parties, he quit his job, cashed out his savings accounts and retirement funds, and began secretly researching Nibiru on his own.

His findings shocked him. A sixth mass extinction, known as the “Holocene Extinction”, or end of the human era, is happening now and will only worsen as Nibiru draws closer to the Earth, he said.

“For a long time we were lead to believe the deforestation, toxic pollutants, and human encroachment were responsible for habitat loss leading to the extinction of species,” he said. “Those are contributing factors, no doubt, but this dark star, from what I read, is heating our planet and crippling our ecosystem. I am convinced Nibiru is responsible for wiping out wildlife, and eventually human life, too.”

Unlike humans, most wildlife has limited ability to adjust to dramatic shifts in the Earth’s climate. If a person gets too cold, he wears a sweater; conversely, if he gets too hot, he takes off the sweater. Most wildlife, he says, have mechanisms to modulate body heat and adapt to minor alterations in our climate. However, no species can thrive in the face of the rapid onset climate shift associated with Nibiru.

“If the carbolic point is reached, a species will rapidly decline. The carbolic point represents a mathematical equation stipulating that Nibiru’s anterior position to Earth has heated the planet to a sufficient level to eradicate a particular species or sub-species,” Dr. Imhaus said.

He believes the golden toad was Nibiru’s first victim. Once a thriving species endemic to the elfin cloud forests of Costa Rica, golden toads perished due to unnatural atmospheric and surface heating. Heightened ultraviolet radiation penetrated the soil, forcing the amphibians from burrows; ultimately, the fragile toads perished because Nibiru had destroyed their climate, he explained.

Dr. Imhaus admits further research is needed to determine if Nibiru is solely responsible for other recent extinctions, such as the Formosan clouded leopard and the Pinto tortoise. Regardless, he insists more ecosystems will collapse as Nibiru induces carbolic points in endangered species. Humankind, he says, is on the precipice of extinction, and the final blow may arrive long before Nibiru shines bright in the skies.

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