Nibiru & GSM Wreak Havoc With Global Weather, says Dr. Trowbridge

Three Nor’easters in a week, and the potential for a fourth, clearly represent a drastic shift in Earth’s fragile climate, says Nibiru whistle-blower and former USGS climatologist Dr. Ethan Trowbridge. He attributes climate deviations to two factors: the onset of a grand solar minimum and the nearby presence of a brown dwarf star with multiple orbiting planets.

Meanwhile, the government-controlled National Weather Service and NOAA have tried to allay public fears by blaming unprecedented

atmospheric conditions on North Atlantic Oscillation—which essentially means a persistent high pressure ridge over Greenland routes arctic air through the northeast corridor.

Dr. Trowbridge refutes that notion, claiming that for nearly a decade the United States government and its satellite agencies, such as the USGS, have conspired to conceal true causes of climate change. Rather than warn the public about Nibiru, the agencies manufacture fictitious tales, blaming climate shift on a combination of human arrogance and ignorance.

“The release of greenhouse gas emissions like perfluorocarbons, sulfur hexafluoride, and nitrogen trifluoride provide a fantastic way for them to rationalize climate deviations. It’s one of the greatest cover stories ever concocted—and the majority of the world accepts it as fact. The truth, of course, is another story. We are in the midst of a historic event; a grand solar minimum coinciding with the arrival of the Nibiru system. We don’t have to wait until Nibiru reaches perigee in a few years to feel its effects. It’s happening this very moment. I don’t care if people like Paul Beckwith call me a stark raving lunatic. I know the truth. Everyone should know the truth.”

During a grand minimum, the sun enters a period of unusually low activity known as solar hibernation. The Marauder Minimum, which occurred between 1645 and 1715, produced a climate shift so drastic, some parts of the globe experienced cooling seven degrees Celsius below average. If this happened today, said Dr. Trowbridge, the agricultural industry would be devastated.

“We have more to worry about than just the GSM, much more,” said Dr. Trowbridge. “Simultaneously with the GSM, The proximity of the Nibiru system causing rapid heating of the planet’s atmosphere and roasting the Earth’s crust. While logic might dictate the GSM and Nibiru, having opposite effects, would cancel each other out, they do not because they act independently of one another. We are getting hit on two fronts.”

This, Dr. Trowbridge adds, is why normally temperate climates are entombed in ice and northern latitudes are experiencing warmer, despite an abundance of snow, winters.  He says the escalation of climatological anomalies will increase exponentially as Nibiru’s orbit brings it closer to the Earth’s southern hemisphere. Earthquakes will pop up in abnormal spots. Dormant volcanoes will spring to life and spew millions of tons of ash into the sky. Hurricanes and Typhoons will increase in frequency, size, and severity. Each event becoming more catastrophic as Nibiru’s magnetic field exerts influence on Earth’s axis.

In closing, Dr. Trowbridge insists he is no prophet. He provides information based on education and experience, and on what he learned at secret USGS/NASA briefings. “To deny the truth is foolish. To see the truth one need only open his eyes.”

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