Nibiru Ice Age Imminent, says Dr. Trowbridge

Nibiru is heating the Earth to unprecedented levels and is about to cause a new ice age, says Dr. Ethan Trowbridge, a former USGS climatologist and Nibiru whistle-blower.  In 2014, Dr. Trowbridge  broke ranks with his colleagues and abandoned his extremely lucrative job to warn the world about an impending Nibiru apocalypse. Last year, he was the only voice in a vast chorus willing to admit that Nibiru’s influence on Hurricane Matthew had caused the deadly storm, despite all predictions, to spin counterclockwise toward the Florida coast.

Now, Dr. Trowbridge has expressed dire concern over recent winter warming trends that have caused excessive, unnatural heating of both the atmosphere and the Earth’s crust. Yesterday, the National Weather Service and NOAA issued a grim report: across the nation, over 3000 cities experienced record-breaking low temperatures for the month of December, an alarming statistic attributed to Nibiru’s posterior proximity to our inner solar system. The nation has been caught in an icy grip. Siberia has been warmer than New Hampshire.

Even worse, Dr. Trowbridge asserts that the atypical heating is eroding polar ice and will likely plunge our planet into a new ice age when Nibiru reaches perihelion later next year.

“One shouldn’t get confused by the heating,” Dr. Trowbridge said. “The current heating trend might confuse scientifically illiterate people into believing that the warming trend precludes an ice age, but as the Nibiru system swings behind the dark side of the Sun and creeps toward us, the chance of a sudden onset ice age grows exponentially larger every day. One only needs to examine the Milankovitch cycles to understand what’s going on.”

The Milankovitch cycles are almost a litmus test, proving not only Nibiru’s existence but also the drastic influence that the dark star and its seven companion planets have had over our planet’s environment, for the past thirty years. Unlike Nibiru, the Earth’s orbit varies between a nearly circular and mildly elliptical orbit, whereas Nibiru’s 3600 year-long elongated elliptical orbit diametrically transcends astronomical seasons.  Historical data demonstrate that variations in eccentricity—in conjunction with the permittivity of free space (vacuum permittivity or electric constant)—together with axis tilting and precessions of the Earth’s orbit, have resulted in cyclic variation in the solar heating reaching the Earth, each time Nibiru crosses into the inner solar system.

“In layman’s terms,” Dr. Trowbridge said, “we’re pretty much screwed.  Once Nibiru reaches its closest position, approximately 0.3 astronomical units from Earth, life for us will change. The Earth, as we know it, will be forever altered. Nibiru will cause a pole shift, a cascading effect leading toward a new ice age.”

The Earth’s apsidal precession, Dr. Trowbridge says, will likely result in a 120-160 degree pole shift, causing the oceans to empty from their basins as Nibiru passes between the Sun and Earth.

“After that, it gets worse,” Dr. Trowbridge said. “As everyone knows, the Nibiru system is surrounded by a dense cloud of red iron-oxide dust. When Nibiru crosses, this dust will blot out the Sun for an extended period, depriving our planet of much need ultraviolet heating. This will serve as a catalyst for the ice age.”

If Dr. Trowbridge is correct—and not insane, as his sworn enemies at USGS charge —our planet is on the verge of undergoing disastrous changes, many of which society is ill-prepared to handle. Despite evolution, despite our technological marvels, humankind may once again lie on the verge of extinction when Nibiru rears its ugly head and fills the sky with its unsightly glow.

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