Nibiru in 2020, says Russian Astronomer


Nibiru has escaped the sun’s gravitational pull, increased speed, and will reach its closest point to earth—0.3 astronomical units—in 2020, says Russian astronomer and Nibiru whistle-blower Dr. Dyomin Damir Zhakarovich. Once a close friend and astronomical advisor to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Dr. Zhakarovich now operates in the shadows, emerging from time to time for one single purpose: to warn the world about Nibiru, said to be a brown dwarf star and seven companion planets hurtling toward the inner solar system.

His knowledge of the Nibiru system is so thorough that many governments have deemed his mind a dangerous weapon, able to sow chaos with a few spoken words. To prevent a potential societal breakdown, world leaders such as Angela Merkel, Benjamin Netanyahu, Kim Jung-un, Theresa May, and Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud have banned Dr. Zhakarovich from entering their respective nations, fearing his words might spark potential insurrections and coups if knowledge of the Nibiru realities reached mainstream populations.

Last year, during a pre-recorded broadcast of the German television show Space and Beyond, Dr. Zhakarovich was forcibly removed from the studio and thrown into the street after expressing concern about Nibiru. Of course, the episode never aired.

Now, Dr. Zhakarovich sheds new light on Nibiru’s expected date of arrival; aided by colleagues, Russia’s most powerful telescope, and a top-secret supercomputer, he predicts Nibiru will be clearly visible in the southern skies between September and December of 2019 and begin catastrophically affecting our climate by early 2020. But neither the brown dwarf star nor the planets pose the gravest threat to Earth, he says. The greatest menaces are the trillions of asteroids and micrometeorites accompanying the Nibiru system.

“As Nibiru travels through space on its 3600 year round-trip journey it collects all sorts of celestial objects that become stuck, for lack of a better word, in the brown dwarf’s gravity well. This whirlpool of space junk poses a double threat to us, because earth will twice pass through the center of this cosmic storm. The thermiletic shielding that normally protects Earth from small asteroids will be overwhelmed and collapse, allowing larger asteroids to pummel the planet and lay waste to our cities.”

Moreover, asteroids within the Nibiru system inherit properties from the dark star itself; many are composed of tritium-laced magnesium iron, surrounded by a porous sheath which effectively allows them to penetrate our atmosphere without disintegrating upon atmospheric reentry.

He estimates Nibiru’s distance to earth at approximately 156,000,000 miles and transverse speed of 6,000 mph; this velocity, he adds, fluctuates depending on Nibiru’s perpendicular position relative to nearby astronomical bodies.

“I do not think Nibiru will end all life on Earth,” Dr. Zhakarovich said, “but it is trying to kill us. Unfortunately, many foolish leaders think they can save themselves and do not care about the people they govern. Nibiru will put them in their place. I do not think our society is technologically advanced enough to defend itself against Nibiru.”

In closing, Dr. Zhakarovich urges persons in the southern hemisphere to maintain a vigilant watch on the night skies, in case Nibiru arrives much sooner than predicted.

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