Nibiru Induced Weather Ravaging Earth, says USGS Climatologist

Nibiru’s emergence from behind the sun is partly responsible for several recent extreme weather events, says former USGS climatologist and Nibiru whistle-blower Dr. Ethan Trowbridge. On Saturday evening, deadly tornadoes battered the south and killed at least thirteen; fierce, ill winds uprooted trees and flung them like spears through concrete walls. Witnessed likened the horror to a nuclear blast, a five mile swath of devastation that obliterated an entire community. In Denver, a spring blizzard buried the city in unrepresented amounts of snow. South of the equator, a massive 6.9 earthquake rattled Chili, toppling buildings and trapping helpless citizens beneath mountains of debris. Individually, these tragic events might seem unrelated, but Dr. Trowbridge asserts they are interconnected and share a common denominator—Nibiru.

“This is what I’ve been warning people about for years,” said Dr. Trowbridge. “Trying to convince people that drastic climate change is not a product of greenhouse gasses or chlorofluorocarbons being released into the atmosphere. Nibiru is real, and it is here. Last week’s storms and quakes—the odds of the events naturally occurring in nature are about 3×1058. In other words, nearly impossible. And things are getting worse.”

Dr. Trowbridge reiterates that the brown dwarf star, which lies at the center of what is referred to often as the Nibiru system, is interacting electrically with our sun. Although the brown dwarf emits little visible light, it is highly radioactive and has been bombarding the solar system with vertical solar neutrinos—a product of nuclear fusion—for nearly thirty years. These diatonic particles, Dr. Trowbridge said, have altered our atmosphere and destabilized the Earth’s crust by morphing into a product resembling Silly Putty.

“Our planet is being attacked from both above and below ground,” Dr. Trowbridge said. “Atmospheric changes in conjunction with transmogrification of Earth’s mantle are the primary reasons severe weather events are increasing in infrequency and severity. Very soon, the lithosphere will collapse. With Nibiru’s approach, we can fully expect a marked increase in tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and snowstorms. Some of my colleagues say I’m insane, but they haven’t seen the data, or they choose to ignore it.”

Furthermore, Dr. Trowbridge says that the USGS and NASA have conspired to conceal Nibiru since the 1980s; while NASA rushed to complete an infrared astronomical telescope, the USGS clandestinely constructed a “Neutrino Trap” to harness and analyze thermonuclear emissions from the brown dwarf star. The device, he says, is buried 5,000 feet below the surface, located in South Dakota.

“Knowledge of the trap is widespread, but its true purpose is classified,” Dr. Trowbridge said. “Only high-ranking government officials and a handful of scientists know that the trap has been used to collect information on Nibiru. The conclusion: Nibiru is turning the Earth into a thermonuclear furnace.”

Asked whether he knew Nibiru’s expected arrival date, Dr. Trowbridge admitted that conflicting information prevents him from expressing a definitive answer. “All data seen suggests Nibiru will ultimately cross between 0.3 and 0.5 au between the Earth and Sun. I can’t give you a date; I was never privy to that information. Regardless, we are in peril now.”

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  • matt janovic

    Obviously, Dr. Trowbridge is trying to create panic.

    He disregards the advice of better informed scientists, such as Dr. Shimschuck, who have already determined that Nibiru is due forty years from now, in 2057 I think. Much more important, Dr. Shimschuck has explained that Nibiru is apparently just stuck in space and ain’t going nowhere nohow.

  • AbdielSchwitzer

    these websites lies more and yes falseness statements make every story nibiru

    • matt janovic

      Chemtrais’ ominous shadow overwhelms many of us. To evade terrible, clear, and real present dangers, we stick our heads in the Nibiru sands. It works.

  • AbdielSchwitzer

    if these website russia shutdown

    • matt janovic

      Powerful though the Bones may be, they would never be able to shut down Russia. Moreover, I suspect them Bones of Soviet sympathies, and they seem to be the least likely Americans with dreams of making war on Russia.

      • AbdielSchwitzer

        matt janovic not not what you says these website in Ruusia not exist false lies news not permitted spread around like in westernism USA places.

        • matt janovic

          Now I understand, thanks for the clarification.
          Problem is, President Putin disagrees with Abdiel, as when he argued with Venediktov of Ekho Moskvy, accusing him of spreading anti-Russian disinformation.

          Venediktov, whose heroes are Reagan and Thatcher, is still in business. His fabrications can be heard and seen on Russian television–and he does not do satire either.

  • Atkin Michaels

    During a recent deep meditation session with my spirit lover Sam last week she showed me a vision/image of two suns in the sky. When I inquired as too what was the meaning of this vision, she answered “it is on the other side of the sun now.” She began showing me dreams and visions of this pending event after showing up spontaneously in my life one night over three years ago. I take finding this article today as further confirmation that this vision/image given to me by her is in fact true.

    • matt janovic

      I wouldn’t

  • Jesus888

    Yes, charts of increasing by 2 times from 2013 of all natural disasters and solar storms – its all magnetic harm of Nibiru.
    Pray to Sphere Being Alliance – ships-planets to carry you away from this solar system.