Nibiru Inhabited by “Great Big Guys,” Says Renowned Astrobiologist

Visions of Nibiru often conjure up images of a desolate, lifeless planet, filled with pools of molten lava and billowing clouds of noxious red iron oxide dust that shield the planet from casual observation.

Astrobiologist Herman Schwartzbaum dismisses the notion that Nibiru is a lifeless rock drifting through space; he claims that Nibiru is teeming with life, home to a space-faring race of malevolent giants who reside in magnificent cities of crystal and glass.

Professor Schwartzbaum has excellent credentials. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Long Island’s prestigious Nassau County Community College with an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts. He furthered his education by attending Nibiru information and survival seminars up and down the east coast, and later obtained a Master Degree in Biological Sciences via the University of Phoenix’s online distant learning courses. He has dedicated his life to debunking Nibiru myths while promoting truth about the dark star and its orbiting planets.

“Not many people understand the truth about Nibiru,” Professor Schwartzbaum said. “There are people on Nibiru. Big people. Great big guys. And let me tell you, they ain’t friendly. I seen one of their ships go over my house once. It must have been many miles long and a thousand feet in diameter. That ship probably held two or three thousands of those guys. I saw one looking out a porthole.”

This alien race is known by many names, chief among them being the Anunnaki, Professor Schwartzbaum said. Their planet is part of a solar system that orbits our sun every 3600 years, and during each cycle, as Nibiru swings around Sol and nears Earth, the Anunnaki launch scout ships toward Earth to ascertain humanity’s technological advancements.

“It’s called probing,” Professor Schwartzbaum said. “These guys want to make sure we haven’t advanced enough to fight them. They’re sending ships here all the time. Big ships. Landing parties check things out. Sometimes things get ugly.”

According to Professor Schwartzbaum, United States Special Operations Forces have clashed with Anunnaki raiding parties. In 2011, a Navy Seal reconnaissance team stumbled upon an “Anunnaki enclave” while searching for Taliban insurgents in northwest Afghanistan caves. A firefight erupted, but the gigantic aliens, some of whom stood thirty feet tall, were resistant to small arms fire. They slaughtered the Seal team. Later, the Pentagon fabricated a story about a midair helicopter collision to hide the truth behind the skirmish.

“Some CIA guys and astromoners [sic] talking on the internet told me something else. In May, 2012, a flying saucer crashed in Moscow town square. And a dozen of these really big guys got out of the ship and started fixing it while dozens of Russians stood frozen in place. These aliens weren’t little guys. They were really big guys. They must’ve had mind control, because some Russian guy scraped his eyes out with his fingernails after the ship took off.”

Asked why the Anunnaki prefer hostility to peaceful coexistence, Dr. Schwartzbaum said, “They want our gold…and our women.”

Nibiru’s atmosphere, Professor Schwartzbaum explained, requires periodic infusions of gold to sustain life. The Anunnaki have perfected a process that “dustifies” gold and blends it with Nibiru’s red iron oxide dust, creating breathable atmosphere and a protective shield surrounding the planet. Without the gold, the Anunnaki would perish.

“Nibiru was once home to vast gold mines,” Professor Schwartzbaum said, “but over hundreds of millennia the Anunnaki have exhausted their natural supply. They had to find more somewhere else. And that somewhere else is Earth. Our women they want for breeding and pleasure. Anunnaki women ain’t pretty.”

When Nibiru reaches perihelion, fleets of Anunnaki starships will blot out the sky and descend on cities across the globe. Able-bodied human males will be used as slave labor, to mine enough gold to sustain Nibiru’s atmosphere for another 3600 years. Ten-to-fifteen percent of females will be whisked away. Shortly thereafter, Nibiru will ravage the Earth and lay waste to its cities. The Anunnaki, protected by Nibiru’s rejuvenated shield, will return home to watch the cataclysmic chaos unleashed upon the Earth.

“There ain’t much we can do about it,” said Professor Schwartzbaum. “It’s happened before, and it will happen again.”

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  • Waiting4Nibiru

    Pretty much confirms what I’ve known for hundreds of years…thanks

    • urallfools

      Get on meds and stop being a fucking idiot you NERD

      • matt janovic

        Waiting is wise, never answers insults. It may be the positive influence of the Crystal Child.

        • Waiting4Nibiru

          I don’t think it’s proper of you to reference The Crystal Child in your comments.

          • matt janovic

            Sorry about my faux pas; I will speak no further

  • JoshJacksonKY

    You morons become bigger morons with every fucking story…what the hell?!

    His excellent credentials? Are you fucking kidding me. A third rate community college? Nibiru seminars? A degree allegedly obtained through internet studies?

    Giants? Big guys? This is some of the most absurd, stupid shit I’ve ever read.

    • Waiting4Nibiru

      open your mind, and your eyes will follow.

      • matt janovic

        Well said

  • Julie Cruise

    I wonder if Anunnaki enslavement is any better than marriage.

    • Jo-Jo

      Yeah…. If you like really big Kawk

      • matt janovic

        I have the greatest respect for Professor Schwartzbaum; however, he has not as yet demonstrated that all Anunnakis are mean Vogons. Some may be nice, or may be trained to be nice, by smart women.

        Similarly, notwithstanding the anthropophagy penchant of Polyphemus, the historical record shows that the Cyclops were socially sensitive creature, who could have evolved into a just, wise, and beloved Master Race for us little humans.

  • AbdielSchwitzer

    Why i have wake up these lies more?

    • matt janovic

      Simple solution: keep sleeping, and dream of being in Nibiru with the Crystal Child.

      • AbdielSchwitzer

        simple solution: no read lies

        • matt janovic

          Simple, but less pleasant

          • AbdielSchwitzer

            These websites lies more other website

  • SolarWanderer

    I home one day this place starts printing real Nibiru News again

    • matt janovic

      Yesterday, they put up a really serious story, having discovered a link between Nibiru and a NATO murder, hidden from readers of NATO countries newspapers of record.

      Try the NYT, WaPo, Times, Guardian, Le Monde, Liberation, Le Figaro, Corriere della Sera. They give us silence, in unison.

      That silence was so important; yet, almost everyone, including Wanderer, complained about it.

      • Waiting4Nibiru

        Actually, this story makes a lot more sense. What Professor Schwartzbaum says matches Sitchin’s findings and things i have seen for myself.

  • JessicaS

    I typically avoid posting on internet forums and discussion topics because these outlets promote a lot of negativity, which I try to avoid in life. But there is so much disinformation about Nibiru on the Internet that people must realize we are not doomed to die at Nibiru’s hand. There are timelines, positive and negative, and how we react toward life and treat each other impacts the destiny of the timelines. If we live in hate and fear, then we succumb to that hatred. If we live in harmony and treat one another with dignity, and respect, then the positive timeline will erase the negative. Our thoughts and actions have influence on Nibiru, as well as all other things in life. The bad Nibiru represents the worst in us. The good Nibiru the best in us. We can avoid destruction by purging our bodies and minds of negativity, and Nibiru will leave us unharmed.

    • matt janovic

      Wise words

      • Waiting4Nibiru

        Ignore her words at your own peril.

    • urallfools

      hahahahahah what utter fucking bloody rubbish. If you believe any of that shit you are a lost cause

      • JessicaS

        Your attitude could use a bit of improvement.

        • matt janovic

          Out there, in the frigid Northern Urals, where Uralfool hails from, folks are somehow resistant to improvement or moderation.

  • TomTom

    Interesting story

  • InsideScoop

    Liberate te ex inferis

    • matt janovic

      De profundis clamavi ad te domine

  • Jesus888

    Yes, but Sphere Being Alliance RA in Solar system will protect us, and you, and so on… carry you away from this planet (Corey Goode)