Nibiru is Here, says Dr. Trowbridge

People should stop asking for Nibiru’s arrival date, says former USGS climatologist and Nibiru whistle-blower Dr. Ethan Trowbridge, because the dark star and its orbiting planets are visible in the sky and radically altering Earth’s climate. Last night, temperatures on Mount Washington, NH, plunged to one hundred degrees below zero, cold enough to destroy exposed flesh in minutes. For the second consecutive week, punishing sub-zero temperatures have ravaged the northeast, straining not only nerves but also a fragile, antiquated electrical grid that could at any moment pop. Parts of Florida received the state’s first measurable snowfall, Massachusetts got pounded by two feet of particularly dangerous snow, and cyclonic winds produced a storm surge that sent the Atlantic Ocean flowing into Boston’s coastal neighborhoods.

The marked increase in weather aberrations defies scientific precedence. The rising financial cost associated with natural disasters supports his contention. In 2017, the financial losses from hurricanes, earthquakes, and other weather phenomena totaled $306 billion dollars, nearly double 2016’s $188 billion. The conclusion, Dr. Trowbridge says, is inescapable: the world, as we know, is changing right before our eyes.

“Nibiru is here,” Dr. Trowbridge said, “and it’s not billions of miles away anymore. As it continues nearing Earth, we’ll continue seeing more and more severe weather events, of all types. I believe the culmination of events will peak in 2020 or 2021, when Nibiru reaches its closest point to Earth. No, it will not smash into us or rain fire from the sky, but super storms, mega quakes, and temperature extremes are the normal, and will be for a good while.”

Humanity, he adds, has two options: adapt or die.

He believes the Earth is currently undergoing a pole shift; the gravitation intensity of the brown dwarf and the outermost orbital, he argues, causes Earth to shift and list. The direction of any orbital deviation is directly related to Nibiru’s position relative to the southern hemisphere. Nibiru’s temporal velocity and degree of angular deflection determine its effects on Earth. He posits an interesting theory to support his claim:

“You’ve heard the term electric universe? Well, we also exist in a somewhat elastic universe. Say, hypothetically speaking, we’ve shifted twenty degrees. That change need not be permanent. The planet, over time, attempts to right itself. Simply put, it’s a tug-of-war. Nibiru pushes and pulls and Earth tries to correct itself. But over time our ability to rebound diminishes. If you pull on a rubber band too much, it loses elasticity. Orbital elasticity is similar; the greater the stress, the less Earth can compensate. Likewise, with each flyby, it becomes much more difficult for Earth to self-correct. What we’re witnessing now, though, is the result of two or maybe three degree geophysical and geomagnetic shift. By 2020 or 2021, that shift will exponentially increase.”

Although his predictions paint a grim picture, he does not believe Nibiru will cause an extinction level event. Humankind has survived previous flybys; it will endure the coming storm. Complacency will be the greatest killer, he said. Those unwilling to prepare and adapt will be the least likely to survive.

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