Nibiru is Near, says astrophysicist Ronald Shimschuck

Dr. Ronald Shimschuck, an M.I.T. graduate who is widely considered among the smartest men on the planet, is the latest credible source to not only confirm Nibiru’s existence but also warn of its potential cataclysmic effects on planet earth. His credentials include seven years at McDonnell nibiru_clashDouglas, after four years’ employment at Boeing and three at NASA. Dr. Shimschuck was also employed as an astronomical consultant at the Arecibo Observatory, in Puerto Rico.

Dr. Shimschuck, whose authoritative research on Nibiru (Planet X) is considered canonical by Nibiru scientists, became interested in the topic in 1985 while involved with NASA’s STS program. There, he learned of a secret executive order, signed by then president Reagan, forbidding any public discussion about Nibiru.

“Few people in the administration even knew about Nibiru,” Shimschuck told our source. “Information on Nibiru was kept compartmentalized, and at the time I hadn’t even known we [NASA] had a dedicated Nibiru research team. But rumors spread, and I became interested. At that point, I was summoned to the director’s office, where I was more or less told that Nibiru was a taboo subject. When it became clear Nibiru would have devastating results on the earth sometime in the early 21st Century, all public discussion was shut down, expeditiously.”

NASA compelled Dr. Shimschuck to sign an aggressive non-disclosure agreement; the document, called a 100/100 agreement, stated clearly the nibiruplanetxpenalties for breaching it, a $100,000,000 fine and 100 years of incarceration, essentially a life sentence, in solitary confinement, without parole.

“I left the administration shortly afterward to work on other projects,” Shimschuck told us.

But he still conducted clandestine research on Nibiru, using his position as consultant at Arecibo Observatory to further his investigation.

According to Shimschuck, the United States, Russia, Japan, and China have colluded to keep sensitive information secret while spreading disinformation and allowing only easily refutable evidence to slip through the cracks. These governments, Shimschuck said, have meticulously engineered world events to distract public attention away from Nibiru.

“Wars, political tensions, and media events are all manufactured to misdirect the public,” Shimschuck said. “They want to keep the public eye on plX2anything, anywhere, except for where it should be focused, in space. And any credible whistle-blowers were harshly dealt with, people like Harrington.”

Robert Sutton Harrington, whose groundbreaking research many Nibiru scientists would follow, inexplicably dropped dead in 1993.  Credited as the first whistle-blower, Harrington died shortly after leading an astronomical symposium in 1993. During his lecture, Harrington implicated Bill Clinton, Borris Yeltzin, and Anwar Sadat in masterminding a plot to disperse chemicals in the atmosphere to conceal Nibiru’s existence. This process is now commonly known as Chem-Trails or Chem-Spraying. Ironically, just days after the seminar, Harrington was diagnosed with sudden onset esophageal cancer–and dropped dead four days later.

“And, of course, Harrington was the first of many mysterious deaths,” Dr. Shimschuck said.

Usually reliable sources asked Dr. Shimschuck the same question posed to all Nibiru researchers: Why can’t we see it?

“It can be seen–if you are in southern hemisphere at an altitude greater than 19,000ft. And then the astronomical conditions must be correct.tyche planet X Nibiru Nemis, herculubus, planet space And then only if you have the proper tools, like a Meade – 20 ” MAX2-ACF (f/8) Advance Coma-Free on MAX2 Robotic German Equatorial Mount w/AZ Pier, which cost $36,000 USD. Few hobbyists have such equipment.”

Besides the aforementioned conditions, Nibiru remains hidden to all but the most powerful telescopes on earth–those controlled by government-funded observatories. Nibiru is a collective term referring to the “Nibiru system,” a solar system in a 3,600 year-long elliptical orbit around Sol. The system receives natural concealment via a reflective screen of iron oxide dust that emanates seven million miles in all directions.

“If you wake up one morning and see red iron oxide dust on you car windshield, Nibiru is probably less than 12 hours away,” said Dr. Shimschuck

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  • JoshJacksonKY

    More made up BS. Nibiru was debunked a long time ago.

    • Somebones

      Thank you for your comment. As always, we stand behind our sources. And just so you know, I clicked on your image and nothing happened. It appears to be a fake of a fake.

      • JoshJacksonKY

        You know this is crap. Anwar Sadat? Chem trails? Nibiru? Red dust on your windshield a harbringer for planet X?

        • Sipowicz Yevgeny

          I also wondered… But then, there is always something new to learn.
          I always thought that chemtrails were just a protection against evil eye, and now I learn that they may have darker sinister explanations.

          • regis E rexleo

            sahara desert sand ! lol sprayed by sellers of sleep and bad luck …the destructive plan is cover-up ….weird They always come just in the right time to cover the sky when Something is to be seen …. specially in the rising sun , just to mask the whole scene and the approaching mess … hahahah Are we so naive or blind?…. it’s time to connect the dots and organize …take care , be safe , good luck !

        • Con (condensation) vs. Chem (chemical)
          Try again, troll. Try again and fail again.

          • Central Scrutinizer

            Those would be far more convincing pictures if they were taken at the same location. FAIL.

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  • Dan W

    For all the lying trolls and naysayers out there please answer these questions:

    Why is the earth at a constant wobble?
    Why are the Volcanoes and Earthquakes in the last few years getting more aggressive?
    Why is the earth heating from inside it’s core?
    Why do we have record sink holes worldwide?
    Why do we have oceans heating up and dying off with huge methane gas releases?
    Why are animals and fish dying by the millions?
    Why do birds fall dead from the skies by the thousands?
    Why are there more water main breaks and gas line breaks (due to stretching, not corrosion) in the US than ever before?
    Why are the Niburu whistle blowers dying in freaky ways?
    Why do the crop circles over the last 20 years contain warnings of a pole shift/planetary body incoming?
    Why are the D.U.M.B.’s all stocked and ready to go in major Countries?
    Why has Zetatalk been “dead on” with their intel?

    I could go on and on for hours, but I think you get my drift.

    Just one of many sites where logic and proof out weigh the lies and deception of you trolls.

    • Somebones


      Thanks for your contribution to the discussion. Not sure who your question was aimed at, but many of us here agree with your points. As to the article, we just presented the information provided to us by our source. We will be posting a followup with Dr. Shimschuck in a few days.

    • Phillip Hanberry

      Global warming explains all of that Dan. You know, what real live scientists have been warning against. Lets not believe thats possibe. NO, its far more likely a rogue planet is causing it…cmon..

      So first, this guy doesnt exist. Never went to MIT. Never received a doctoral and never worked for NASA. you guys should be ashamed of yourselves.

      • steve bichler


    • Ding Bat

      And the final WHY.

      Why are you trolling and pedaling this stuff?

    • Zetatalk was not dead-on with their information at all, they said Planet-X would come and then it did not. I personally pressed them to give me a number or indication on how much the Earth rotation was going to slow down before Planet-X would be nearing, because they said that the Earth rotation was going to slow down. Eventually they gave an indication of that amount, and then I measured it using two telescopes and two stopwatches. I measured the rotation of the Earth that is, using a marked star. The precision was enough to say something about it, and they where proven wrong on that. Then later they where spectacularly wrong on having the wrong date as well, and that ended their credibility. Moreover they also had a page saying that Einstein was a great scientist, when he was a fraud. In my opinion Einstein was used as a shield for the bizarre activities by Lorentz (who was a real scientist, unlike Einstein), on the Michelson & Morley experimental results on light speed. Hence zeta-talk is disproven, and since the maker of that website (Nancy) claims to have worked for the CIA but turned into a whistle blower, we can expect that either Nancy was cleverly coaxed into releasing disinformation, or was doing it on purpose as a payed agent. Notice how this doesn’t proof or disproof Planet-X, it only shows that zetatalk is unreliable. One hypotheses on the zetatalk page is that it was an attempt to assocaite the knowledge that the Bush crime family is criminal, with absurdist information, so as to discredit the idea of the criminality of the Bush family.

    • Robert Oakley

      the sun reversed it’s poles and has slightly increased pressure on the earth to do the same causing stress on the crust increasing core heat slightly / causing the changes you described above

  • gail

    I am not questioning the veracity of Ronald Shimschuck statements nor even Nibiru, my question is how did Clinton, Yeltsin and Anwar Sadat conspire together to create “chem–trails” when Sadat died in 1981?

    • Colt

      The answer is that the entire article is made up. If you want to know what ‘Nibiru’ is you can’t look for info on these kind of sites. You have to go to the source and actually research ancient cataclysms (historically & scientifically documented, not Joe Blows account of Atlantis). Then reads books on comets written before 1900 – there are 1000s on Google books free. Next you research Asteroid impacts and NEO’s. Once you’ve done all this you should be able to piece it together and have discovered real NEO astronomer forums discussing exactly this subject…. however you won’t have enough time now so I’ll just tell you. 2/P Encke and the Taurid Stream. That’s it, the big secret. Everyone is welcome.

      • billy bob

        Um.. The earth is now telling the story, you might want to listen! lol

        • Colt

          whats that story? i am looking for Nibiru but all i see is Saturn 🙂

      • Glenn Dyrhaug

        Nibiru with Wings Seen from Adelaide and Tunisia, 15th, 16th March 2016

        Wednesday, March 16, 2016 21:56

        It’s not always visible, but it’s lit. The wings are at an angle to the sun. It goes from an evening sighting above and to the right of the sun, to a morning sighting level pegging with the sun. It seems to move around a lot, and may now be on this side of the sun to us.


        March 15th 2016

        Adelaide, South Australia

        Nibiru with wings

        image Nibiru with wings South Australia Mar 15th 2016

        8:32 am

        March 16th 2016

        Kairouan, Tunisia

        Nibiru with wings

        image Nibiru with wings from Tunesia March 16th 2016

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  • Can this be answered:
    1. Quote: “Besides the aforementioned conditions, Nibiru remains hidden to all but
    the most powerful telescopes on earth–those controlled by
    government-funded observatories.”
    2. Quote: “DS: Views differ. Some colleagues and I agree that events will unfold between September and December of 2016.” This seems to also be a recent interview (not 10 years old or so).
    3. Orbital mechanics:
    4. Quote: “Nibiru is a collective term referring to the “Nibiru system,” a solar system in a 3,600 year-long elliptical orbit around Sol.”

    If this planet-X is still only visible by powerful telescopes, that suggests it is as far away as Neptune, or more, considering the size given by D.S.. Notice that Uranus is visible to the naked eye, although rarely. How can it get to earth in less then a year, from that distance ? It does not work out with orbital mechanics. It should take years to get close to Earth even from a distance such as Jupiter, let alone the monstrously large distance from Neptune. Others – even planet-X believers – have also computed the orbital mechanics of this orbit, and concluded likewise that it takes many years to get here from a distance like the outer planets their orbits. Notice that Jupiter is very bright in the sky, but Planet-X should easily be as bright at that distance. It still will take years from that distance to get here. An orbit of 3 600 years dictates the speed. I think it will be impossible for a serious astronomer to talk about a 3 600 orbit, of a system much bigger then even Neptune or Jupiter, that is currently too far to see by all but the conspirators, yet supposedly expected to be at our planet within a year, and not address the discrepancy that this has with the known formulas of orbital mechanics, which formulas should be the bread and butter of any astronomer. Why is it traveling faster then the formulas allow for ? If it is so fast, then why is the orbit calculated to 3 600 years, when it should be even longer given the higher speed ?

    Quote: ““Wars, political tensions, and media events are all manufactured to misdirect the public,” Shimschuck said. “They want to keep the public eye on anything, anywhere, except for where it should be focused, in space.”.

    Is it the other way around ? What can we do about planet-X anyway ? The answer would be: nothing, or focus on personal issues. It induces political apathy. That is perfect for the Oligarchy, as they ruin society and prepare World War 3 in order to stay in power through the economic crisis they are causing, in hopes of returning society to the middle ages, or worse. Perhaps the Oligarchy would even attack the world using orbital impact weapons, and pretend it was Planet-X doing it. It should be technically possible to launch something like a 1000 kg weapon, with or without a nuclear bomb on it, and send it on an orbit around for example Mars, and then let it crash itself on Earth on a desired target. How about 100 of such weapons impacting over a month period. Who knows what they are up to. All we know for sure is that we need to have deep reforms of the economic system and also the State, war or no war, planet-X or no planet-X ?

    I would like a reply from someone who has bothered to do the math himself, not someone waving their hands and not interested in astronomy seriously, and hence who noticed the impossibility of both the formulas and the given orbit and arrival timing being correct. It cannot all be correct, so what is the problem. Since orbital mechanics is so widely used and not challenged by anyone, not even this article, I see only one conclusion: this report about planet-X seems to lack due dilligence. It would have been more credible if it had said that arrival of Planet-X would be in 10 or 20 years, or if its orbit is much longer or not even an orbit at all (inter-stellar). What gives ?

  • Vladimir28

    It took this planet about 4.6 billions of years to evolve to what it was at the peak of the first Industrial Revolution. It took the human civilization just these relatively few years to irreversibly change the face of the Earth. Strip it of its beauty, drastically cut down its forests, urbanize its pasture lands, slaughter and wipe out hundreds of species, disrupt the planet’s ecological system and its protective layer of ozone, dramatically affect the planet’s overall climate, and just about consume and suck it dry of its natural resources – not to forget the catastrophic state of our seas and oceans. What’s essential however, that makes the situation unsolvable – is that there is no good will on our part to implement any changes in our behavior.

    The only way to change the way of the human race is to come from without – a monumental natural catastrophe.

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  • Stephen Persaud

    Times they are a changing….

  • Red_Pill_4U

    It does not make sense that all of the chem-trail activity in the Northern hemisphere is to prevent seeing Nibiru if it requires specialized and very expensive (near $40K) equipment to view at high altitude in the southern hemisphere. To suggest this is the case is nonsensical.

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  • Robert Oakley

    nibiru (vella) went supernova 12,000 years ago proof is the hot gas and other matter of the pencil nebula / Sumerian text describe a red planet that remained still in the south after the stars divided the night / that red star was vella / there may be remnants of vella blasted through our solar system and now in orbit around our sun from the direction of the pencil nebula in the south in a tight elongated orbit / you blokes are mathematicians work out the time it would take to orbit from pencil nebula around the sun and back taking into account influence from our large planets and ort cloud objects / that’s supposing the ort cloud objects aren’t the remnants of vella / have a good year / don’t stress about things that we can’t change