Nibiru May Soon Cause Yellowstone Eruption

Nibiru’s proximity to Earth may soon cause the Yellowstone super caldera to erupt, says former USGS climatologist and Nibiru whistle-blower Dr. Ethan Trowbridge. He just returned from a five-day fact-finding mission to Yellowstone, where he dodged and eluded scores of USGS, NASA, and other governmental personal who have recently descended on the area following an unprecedented concentration of seismic activity.

Researches have recorded and monitored over 1200 quakes at Yellowstone, part of an alarming earthquake swarm now in its sixth week. Despite the activity, mainstream scientists insist the earthquakes are unlikely to cause a super volcano eruption or threaten in any way our society. The seismic activity, they claim, is part of the planet’s normal cyclic rhythm. While increased seismic activity is usually a sign of volcanic eruption, Jamie Farrell, research professor at the Utah, the current tremors are an ongoing and natural occurrence not to be feared.

Dr. Trowbridge’s findings, however, paint a far more dangerous picture; his discoveries, he says, chilled his bones. He said the USGS has boots on the ground throughout the park, literally dozens of agents engaged in what appears to be a foolish mission to halt an imminent volcanic eruption.

“I’m sure not all these people know about Nibiru,” Dr. Trowbridge said. “When I was in the USGS, knowledge of the brown dwarf and its planets was shared with only a handful of people. Others were kept in the dark. Ever since Nibiru emerged from behind the sun, it has be dramatically altering our climate and atmosphere, heating the Earth above and below. Make no mistake; this is not typical seismic activity. I say this with over 30 years’ experience. Nibiru is the variable making all this happen, and now, having witnessed USGS activity in the park, I have all the proof I need.”

The USGS—working in concert with the Department of Homeland Security—has sectioned off large areas of the park; tourists attempting to enter restricted zones are interrogated and escorted to designated safe zones. Unmarked Humvees and black helicopters patrol the perimeter of sensitive locations, he said.

“Based on my observations and experience I quickly deduced what they were up to,” Dr. Trowbridge said. “They are engaged in a drilling operation. In non-technical language, they are drilling holes to release thermal pressure. The only viable reason for this is to forestall a potential eruption. But this probably will not work in their favor—it’s only a stop-gap measure, because every day Nibiru gets closer, and every day its effects on our planet increase.”

Moreover, Dr. Trowbridge says the USGS has been creating artificial magma chambers beneath Yellowstone’s surface. Theoretically, magma flows into the drilled hole for a short while and then cools, plugging the hole to prevent additional magma from reaching the surface. He believes as many as fifty such holes have been drilled in the park. The technique may prove effective on small volcanoes, but not against the monster lurking beneath Yellowstone. The USGS’s efforts, he says, will most certainly backfire and possibly serve as a catalyst for a premature eruption.

“The fools have no idea what they’re doing,” Dr. Trowbride said. “And they had the nerve to call me crazy because I saw the correlation between Nibiru and Earth. These sealed vents, for lack of a better expression; they are creating will not work. They cannot work. The pressure beneath Yellowstone is building exponentially and the superheated magma needs somewhere to go. And unfortunately, that place is the surface and upward. Drilling a volcano to reduce pressures is analogous to putting a flea on an elephant.  Drill holes are simply too small to relieve the pressure in magma chambers.  And then there is the worst possible scenario–a drill hole into  gas charged magma could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, causing an explosive eruption. These idiots are hastening their own doom. We may not have to wait for Nibiru to arrive if the caldera blows.”

Finally, he witnessed USGS personnel tampering with seismic sensors in the park, either disabling them or programming them to generate false data. Over a decade ago, the USGS began misrepresenting earthquake severity by a full point on the Richter scale.

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