Nibiru Researcher Scales White House Fence To Meet With Trump

For the third time in seven days, a woman from Everett, Washington, was arrested for trying to scale the White House fence and reach the Oval Office. On Monday afternoon, Secret Service agents detained Marcy Anderson, 38, who tripped a security alarm and was found ‘dangling from the fence by her shoelaces’.” A White House spokesperson said Ms. Anderson appeared in a frenzied state of panic, demanding to speak with President Trump. Although officials refused to disclose why Ms. Anderson so desperately needed to speak with the president, our Washington source uncovered her shocking motive: she aimed to confront Trump about the impending cataclysm and demand he warn the world before time runs out.

“When she [Anderson] heard that Trump wanted to tell the world about Nibiru, but was being thwarted by political adversaries, she made it her mission to convince Trump to do the right thing,” our source said. “That’s why she tried to break into the White House three times. She is a true believer who knows that Trump means to do the right thing for humankind.”

Ms. Anderson is a lifelong Nibiru believer who has dedicated a large portion of her life to studying the dark star’s influence on Earth, our source said. She has compiled thousands of pages of research, which she shares with other Nibiru enthusiasts via Facebook and other social media platforms. Initially, her exhaustive research demonstrated that Nibiru would cross within 0.3 astronomical units during the winter of 2019.

However, recent events compelled Ms. Anderson to amend her prediction; she began noticing odd behavior in her pets, particularly a cat named “Scruffy.”

Our source explained: “Ms. Anderson said that Scruffy is ordinarily an indoor cat, but lately has been sneaking outside at night. Every night, she finds Scruffy staring into space meowing loudly. She noticed that the cat is looking in the general direction of Nibiru, sensing something that eludes human perceptions.”

Based on the cadence, tempo, and volume of Scruffy’s meows, Ms. Anderson now believes that Nibiru, having emerged from behind the dark side of the sun, has changed trajectory and increased velocity to unpresidented speeds. According to our source, her refined analysis suggests that Nibiru and its orbiting planets will wreak havoc upon the Earth sometime before the systemic equinox early next year.

“Cats and dogs have a sixth sense, allowing them to warn their owners about impending seizures. They can even sense earthquakes before they happen. So Ms. Anderson wholeheartedly believes that certain animals may be able to pick up on astronomical changes,” our source said.

For this reason, Ms. Anderson had sought an audience with President Trump. Having been arrested and released on her own recognize twice had not stopped her from trying to again convey her message to President Trump.

“The Secret Service never told Trump why she wanted to speak with him,” our source said. “From what I’ve learned, Ms. Anderson will keep trying, but if she’s unable to meet with trump, she will definitely fly to Moscow and try to meet instead with Vladimir Putin.”

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  • Doomsday Phil (DDP)

    Give a first name for Anderson…A link to her research or website. Link to where Trump has plans to disclose a planet thats not there. And there is no such thing as a systemic equinox.

    • matt janovic

      I understand, her name is Marcy Anderson; as for her research, Phil, you cannot be serious! Nibiru is something that is dreamed of, not researched. Same for President Trump, he is too busy doing great great things, to waste time on plans.

      On the other hand, I grant you that the writer here made an error; he must have meant to say “systolic equinox.”

      • Doomsday Phil (DDP)

        Your right..Dreamed of by fear mongers and conspiracy theorists.

        • matt janovic

          But the truth of dreams occurring just before sunrise, how can you challenge that?

          By the way, I checked on that systolic equinox bit; I understand that it occurs on March 20th, when the Sun’s heartbeat gets so fast that it gets high pressure, and it circles the fastest around Earth.

          • Doomsday Phil (DDP)

            Sun does not circle the Earth. The Earth circles the Sun. The Sun is the center of the Universe not the other way around. During Biblical times it was thought the Earth was the center of the Universe. The systolic equinox is a bunch of bull….September marks the Fall equinox when the Sun is directly over the Equator.
            I have not said anything about dreams as I recall…..

          • matt janovic

            But…but… I had this systolic dream yesterday morning, half an hour before sunrise. How could it not be true?

          • Doomsday Phil (DDP)

            Don’t know..I am not a dream interpreter….

          • matt janovic

            Allow me now to remind you of today’s date, my friend–although at someonesbones, it seems, it’s April’s Fool every day of the year

          • Doomsday Phil (DDP)

            Crap! You got me! Never expected that. Good one! LoL!

          • matt janovic

            I notice that you were also writing in the spirit of the season, when you said that the Sun is the center of the universe. By the way, there was a nice seasonal story this morning on the Telegraph about the arrival of polar bears in the Hebrides.
            Have a nice weekend and a nice April.

          • Joseph McCleery

            Or is that The Earth spins fastest that day? since ⛅ Sun is stationary?