No Hope for Russian Nibiru Disclosure

Hopes for an official Russian Nibiru disclosure have all but evaporated, says former KGB agent Strelnikov Isaac Stepanovich. Until recently, he and others believed Russian President Vladimir Putin would defy foreign opposition to warn the world of an impending doomsday event likely to reshape the face of the planet. However, both current events inside Russia and external influence have forced to Putin abandon disclosure, despite his belief in the topic.

Yesterday, Putin backtracked on a pledge not to run for reelection in 2018; he said at a meeting with factory workers in Nizhny Novgorod that he would participate in the presidential election with goals of securing Russian prosperity for many years to come. His comments sharply contradicted statements he had previously given to Russian news agencies earlier this year. In an interview with TASS, he said he was thankful for his years in office but felt a new generation of Russian leaders must step forward. He also said he had one last major feat to accomplish that had been weighing heavily on his mind for many, many years. Many, including Stepanovich, still believe he was referencing Nibiru disclosure.

“Putin has known about Nibiru for a long time,” Stepanovich said. “And believe he wanted to warn the world. But things change; in this case, not for the better. Disclosure was going to be his monumental achievement before leaving office. He wanted to step down, enjoy his remaining years horseback riding and swimming and flirting with pretty ladies. Now he’s had change of heart and wants to stay in office. There could be many reasons. There is a saying in Russia: Only President Putin knows what President Putin will do.”

Moreover, he said Putin missed an excellent opportunity. Had Putin not planned to stay in power, he could have given disclosure and then lived a comfortable life in retirement, for however long it lasted.

“His opponents may have laughed at him for talking about Nibiru because many consider it fantasy,” Stepanovich said, “and others might have tried to have him deposed from office. But he would have had only a few months left anyway. He could have done a service to not only Russia but also the entire world. No more, especially if he wins. Which he will.”

With a constant eighty percent approval rating, Putin will probably stand triumphant against all challengers. If he wins, and Nibiru does not arrive during his next term, he will spend twenty-one years in power as president of Russia by 2024. History will decide Putin’s successes and failures; he will be judged harshly for abrogating disclosure, Stepanovich said.

Asked if he thought other world leaders might step forward, Stepanovich said, “I don’t see how. Trump hasn’t done it. Putin won’t do it. Who else is there to shred the conspiracy? What you in the west call the Deep State have tentacles stretching into all aspects of governments, all across the planet.  They’ve even infiltrated Russian politics. I used to have hope, but it’s faded. If the Deep State doesn’t want disclosure, there will be no disclosure”


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