NSA Bolton Tells Trump: “We need Martial Law Like Ukraine.”

National Security Advisor John Bolton told President Trump on Monday that the United States must take a lesson from Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and declare Martial Law to protect America from growing threats both foreign and domestic.

Apparently without Trump’s consent, Bolton contacted Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman, congratulating his government for boldly declaring a temporary state of Martial Law across ten regions bordering Russia, the Black Sea, and the Azov Sea. The move came after Poroshenko warned of a buildup of Russian forces near Ukraine’s borders, and Russia’s seizure of Ukrainian ships. When Bolton asked if citizens were enraged by Poroshenko’s actions, Groysmon purportedly said, “Not at all. They feel safer with a curfew and armed military patrolling the streets. They overwhelmingly approve,” to which Bolton responded, “I’m sure Americans will too.”

Rather than admonish Bolton, Trump praised his initiative. The president said, “What works in Ukraine might not work in the United Sates,” but he agreed to keep all options on the table, according to a White House source familiar with the conversation.

Bolton told Trump the United States was ripe for invasion by migrant caravans, Russians, Chinese, and dissident Americans who perceive the government as a threat.

“Bolton has always been itching for war. He’s favored war with Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, North Korea, Russia, Chine, and even, as outlandish as it sounds, Canada.  He’s always chosen conflict over conciliation, and his mind Martial Law serves two purposes: keep the civilians locked in their homes while the military fights whatever invading army he thinks is coming our way, and a means to round up Patriots that will likely oppose government overreach,” our source said.

Bolton even provided Trump with a list of which states require Martial Law. Under his plan, all states bordering the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, Mexico, and Canada would immediately be placed under military control; additional states could be added to the list, as need.

“Bolton right now sees Poroshenko as hero. That Poroshenko had the balls to declare Martial Law Is a huge thing to Bolton. He really wants to see that happen here at home. The thing is, Trump listens to him. Sure, Trump told him to take a pause and calm down, but Bolton is well-known for coercing presidents into reckless behavior,” our source said.

In May 2001, Bush appointed him to be undersecretary of state for arms control, basically the top diplomat focusing on weapons of mass destruction. Bolton’s zealous hatred of Saddam Hussein and his imaginary arsenal of mass-destruction prompted Bush’s “Shock-and-Awe” campaign on Baghdad. In April, he urged Trump to launch a preemptive nuclear strike on North Korea. Fortunately that never happened.

But if Bolton has his way and  convinces Trump that Martial Law is in the best interest of the nation, law-abiding American citizens will deal with unjust curfews and weapon seizures, and get used to seeing armed military patrols on nearly every street corner in every town.


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