Obama Admits He’s the Antichrist

In an unpublished June interview with Washington Post correspondent Joe Stephens, disgraced former President Barack “Hussein” Obama admitted he is the Antichrist and, among other inflammatory comments, said, “the world will bend to my will.” The dialogue, which the Post scuttled because it had allegedly devolved into a comedy skit, was scheduled by Obama to his discuss his views on Trump’s failed presidency and the future of the Democratic Party. After thirty minutes of bashing Trump while bragging about his self-perceived successes, Obama asked Stephens whether he had additional questions of importance to the American public.

That is when Stephens apparently went off script. He produced a photograph of Obama dressed in satanic garb; a shimmering, sequined cloak etched with demonic symbols and horned headpiece that bore a striking resemblance to the demon-beast Baphomet. The image was originally uploaded to Instagram in June by artist Annemarie Hope, and shows the satanically clad Obama standing beside casually dressed Arthur Davis, an attorney and politician who served as a Democratic member of United States House of Representatives from 2003 to 2011.

A colleague of Stephens’s familiar with the interview said Stephens asked if the photograph was authentic or photo shopped, and if the former, what reason Obama had for donning such peculiar attire.

“Why do you think?” Obama replied. “Because I’m the Antichrist. Haven’t you heard?”

Stephens must have thought it was a joke; he smiled and rephrased the question: “No, really, why would a two term former president wear such an outfit?”

Our source said Obama stuck to his answer. “He reiterated, specifically, that he was the Antichrist and told Joe the internet was replete with evidence proving his satanic heritage. That’s when things got weird and went haywire,” our source said.

If all information is accurate, Obama’s eyes spun freely in their sockets and he began speaking in tongues while weaving strange symbols in the air with his outstretched fingers. When his language returned to English, he made comments such as “the world will bend to my will,” worship me,” “I shall rise again,” and “there is no escape.”

Then Obama suddenly regained his composure, as if the transformation had never happened. Obama said he was only joking and that the grossly misunderstood photograph was actually taken at a Halloween costume contest that he and Michelle had attended several years ago.

“I think Obama scared Joe shitless. He admitted to me that he didn’t know what to believe at that moment but he stoically press Obama for additional answers. He asked why, if the photo were taken at a costume contest, Arthur Davis was not in costume. Obama’s answer: Arthur doesn’t like parties. I don’t know if it was legitimate or poor taste parlor trick, but I can’t imagine a former United States President acting in such poor taste,” our source said. “The whole experience left Joe visibly shaken for a while,” our source said.

Rather than edit out Obama’s satanic antics, the Washington Post, a leftist publication friendly to all things Obama, decided to not publish the piece and told Stephens that merely mentioning what he thought had happened might jeopardize his career.

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