Obama and Mueller’s Secret Meeting

While President Trump argued for denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula in Hanoi Wednesday and his turncoat lawyer, Michael Cohen, raked him over the coals on Capitol Hill, two other presidential enemies met secretly that afternoon to strategize various methods of unseating the president in case Nancy Pelosi refuses to file impeachment charges against him.

According to a Washington source, Special Counsel of the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections Robert Mueller was spotted at the front gate of Obama’s lavish Washington home.

“Obama, grinning like a goat, greeted Mueller at the door,” our source said.

The two diabolical Deep State operatives have been a constant thorn in the president’s side. Obama has openly disdained him, and Mueller’s probe into Russian collusion has resulted in criminal charges against 33 people—including several Trump allies—and mired the administration in a legal and political maelstrom unlike anything the nation has seen since Watergate. Yet, Mueller has refused to show the public any conclusive proof the president or his associates conspired with Russian intelligence to influence the 2016 election.

“It’s generally believed Obama and Hillary are responsible for the Mueller investigation. I can only speculate that Mueller visited Obama to share sensitive information or to, perhaps, create and disseminate fresh lies for the media to latch onto. We know Obama’s been courting several democratic candidates, including Biden, for 2020, and the Mueller is a Republican in name only,” our source said.

Obama and Mueller have not been shy about expressing their hatred of Trump; they have called him a capitalist pig interested only in power and avarice, and wish him a speedy departure from the White House. Obama’s motives are obvious: his public prestige and influence on the Democratic National Committee has nosedived since Trump took office, though many believe he lurks in the underbelly of Washington, clandestinely masterminding nearly every aspect of the Deep State.  If Mueller is working at Obama’s behest, then it is no surprise that they’ve met privately to plan Trump’s demise.

Our source said Wednesday’s Obama-Mueller ta-de-ta lasted three hours, and Mueller emerged from Obama’s mansion carrying several laptops and reams of paper.

“Obviously I don’t know what was said between them. But it’s highly unethical for a former president to meet with special counsel investigating a sitting president. Either Obama was trying to get rid of self-incriminating evidence or he was passing off something juicy to Mueller. There is collusion going on, but it was never between Trump and the Russians,” our source said.

Asked how he obtained knowledge of the meeting, our source declined to give specifics, but said cryptically that the president has eyes and ears everywhere and not much escapes his notice. President Trump was informed of the meeting shortly after returning to Washington.

In closing, it’s this reporter’s opinion that the timing of the unscrupulous Obama-Mueller reunion is highly suspect; it transpired simultaneously while the president was overseas and Michael Cohen was uncorking myriad allegations on his former boss at the House Oversight Committee hearing.

disclaimer: photograph is stock footage and is not meant to represent the described meeting.

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