Obama Goons Threatened Nibiru Whistle-Blower

A former NASA scientist who resigned under mysterious circumstances said  Obama-era goons threatened to destroy his life if he publically discussed information he had learned during his tenure with the controversial space agency. Asking at this time not to be named, the engineer, whose credentials and educational background have been authenticated, claims that following his resignation in 2014 he received an unwelcome visit from “a pair of men” who cautioned him against violating a non-disclosure agreement he had signed with NASA. For simplicity’s sake, we shall call the NASA informant “Frank.”

Speaking to Nibiru News/someonesbones.com with his attorney present, Frank said the visit caught him off-guard. At the end of his employment, he said, he had neither insinuated nor suggested a desire to divulge classified data to the public sector. He was, in every way, a model employee; while working at NASA’s Jet Propulsion System Laboratory in Pasadena, he scored exemplary marks on all performance reviews; after transitioning to Kennedy Space Center, he obtained quickly a supervisory position.  Despite a perfect employment record, however, merely having been exposed to classified information prompted governmental intimidation.

With a hint of nervousness in his voice, Frank said, “The goons didn’t stay long, maybe five minutes. I didn’t see any weapons and they didn’t outright threaten me physically. But the tone of their voices and the message was clear. They asked me if I intended to adhere to the terms of the confidentiality agreement, and told me violating it carry unfortunate consequences. I said I understood and had every intention to stick to the terms of the agreement. At the time, that was the God’s honest truth. It still might be.”

Although he received no further “visits,” Frank said that several times he felt as though he was being watched, but admitted paranoia had annexed his mind.

“I’d look over my shoulder, but no one was ever there. For a little while I thought I was going crazy. Sad they feel to bully people into silence over information,” Frank said.

When questioned on the nature of his work, Frank answered cryptically.  “All I care to say at this time is NASA is [as of 2015] aware of significant threats to the solar system. These are real dangers, not theoretical. Some are potential, some are imminent. I’m not saying any of these are life-ending events, but they are problems. NASA is desperate to keep this info close to its chest.” At the advice of his lawyer, he refused at this time to elucidate on scientific data regarding NASA secrets.

Interestingly, he linked Obama to tighter secrecy and stricter confidentiality agreements, claiming toward the end of George W. Bush’s reign, rumors hinted at the declassification of a few covert NASA projects. But when Obama took office, agency scuttlebutt was suddenly silenced; draconian-style secrecy became normal. Every two months, he said, NASA polygraphed certain employees to ensure compliance. Moreover, these employees were routinely checked for contraband—unapproved documents, recording devices, etc—before being allowed to enter or exit restricted areas of the space center.

In closing, Frank said he retained an attorney in case his conduct resulted in legal ramifications. He said he knows that other whistleblowers have been silence and he does not wish to be the next casualty of war.

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