Obama: Gun Confiscation By Christmas

In a redacted interview with Guardian reporter Jerome Wright, disgraced former president Barack Hussein Obama said Americans would receive a “big surprise” this Christmas. Asked to elaborate, he told Wright gun-loving citizens would need new phallic symbols to satisfy their primal urges because gun-confiscation was a foregone conclusion and anyone refusing to surrender a firearm would be deemed a threat to national security and dealt with in a manner befitting a terrorist. “We have places for people like that,” he quipped.

Despite his best efforts, he failed to disarm America during his eight years in office. He misappropriated tens of millions of dollars from the Department of Veteran Affairs and used that money to finance his gun-grab agenda. But he sorely underestimated power held by the NRA and other 2nd Amendment advocacy groups.

Being ejected from the Oval Office has not quenched Obama’s desire to repeal the 2nd Amendment. A Secret Service agent who protected the Obamas said the would-be dictator remains wildly enthusiastic about anti-gun legislation.

“After passing Obamacare, he became wholly consumed with confiscating every gun the hands of civilians,” our source said. “He dwelt on it day and night, and still does. Doesn’t matter if it’s a defense weapon, a shotgun, or a pistol—Obama wants it. He was pissed that places like UK and Australia succeeded on an issue he could not. He had, of course, hoped Hillary would fulfill his goals, but her loss setback his plans. But it was only a temporary setback. If we’re not careful, Obama’s plans may still see fruition.”

Many political players and alphabet agency leaders remain loyal to Obama; in private, they still salute and refer to him as “Mr. President.” This sinister cabal—commonly known as the Deep State—operates on Obama’s behalf and is responsible for false-flag events manufactured to convince Americans that guns are vile and should be owned only by trained members of the law enforcement community.

Asked how Obama will enact his vision, our source said Democrats would draw up impeachment charges when they retake control of the house and senate during the midterm elections. If successfull, Trump will be dethroned, and Pence, a Deep State operative, will take orders directly from Obama or Hillary Clinton. Per Obama’s own words, Trump is only delaying the inevitable by not immediately vacating the White House.

In reference to the Christmas timeline, our source said the following: “Early into his illegitimate presidency, Obama learned that a great catastrophe would shake the planet and destroy society, as we know it. He wants to position himself to arise as supreme leader from whatever disaster comes our way. This event is said to occur within the twenty-four months, and Obama thinks if gets all the guns by this Christmas he can stop an armed insurrection from usurping his power. He cannot declare Martial Law until the majority of weapons are removed from the public sector.”

Moreover, our source revealed another shocking detail: this, Obama will highlight his plan at the annual Bilderberg meeting, which is being held in Turin, Italy.

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