Obama Sabotages Trump’s Nibiru Disclosure

On Saturday, President Donald J. Trump revealed that his investigative team unearthed a shocking reality: President Barrack Hussein Obama had illegally wiretapped a communications trunk within Trump Tower to eavesdrop on Trump’s private conversations. The official story suggests Obama’s desperate actions were designed to sabotage Trump’s candidacy, steal the election, and guarantee that his preferred successor, Hillary Clinton, reached the Oval Office.

Our Washington source, a former Secret Service agent tasked with protecting the last three sitting presidents, discovered ulterior motives behind Obama’s “nefarious subterfuge”. The plan, our source said, was to learn what Trump knew about Nibiru and to sabotage a potential disclosure.

Our source asserts that Obama personally eavesdropped on conversations between Trump and foreign leaders around the world, including Russian President Vladimir Putin. Although it is unknown whether Obama illicitly recorded conversations pertaining to Nibiru, the surveillance device captured at least three telephone conversations between Trump Tower and the Kremlin.

“Before leaving office, Obama burned thirty years of classified Nibiru research, three thousand plus pages, then replaced them with false information about Nibiru, disinformation created to make Trump look like a foolish clown if he went public. The fake documents contained absurd scientific terminology—like saying Nibiru had frozen in space hiding behind the dark side of the sun. Obama wanted Trump to take the bait and pass it along to Putin. If the pair went forward with the disclosure, using Obama’s fiction, the world would have laughed them out of office, and Obama would have achieved his ultimate goal—getting rid of Putin and Trump from the outside.”

But Trump, our source says, has more intelligence than people give him credit for. He assumed Obama would have bugged the Whitehouse and, therefore, conducted all Nibiru business from his other home, Trump Tower.

“Trump considered the tower an impenetrable fortress,” our source said, “and never expected agents of Obama and Clinton to infiltrate his personal domain. The listening device, a fiber optic, quad-polarity, triple-carotid diode, was discretely placed in the main communication trunk. No larger than a healthy mosquito, it was essentially impossible to notice.”

However, Trump was tipped off to the sinister plot by a high-ranking NSA official and Trump-loyalist who received a misdirected memo. That document, our source said, detailed an ominous plan to covertly monitor the White House, Trump Tower, and Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Florida resort, with an emphasis on capturing any mention of the word Nibiru. If all information is accurate, Secret Service agents located and destroyed listening devices at all three locations.

Trump, our source said, was furious about the discovery. He blamed Chief Strategist Stephen Bannon and his son-n-law enforcer Jared Kushner for the security breach, and nearly fired them for allowing agents of the opposition to penetrate his strongholds.

Incidentally, a second source, a White House gardener named Chauncey Gardiner, reported seeing a man looking like John Podesta, skulking around the rose garden shortly after Trump took office.

“I alerted Secret Service,” Chauncey told us. “But when they reached the gardens, he was gone. It was as if he was never there. He must have disappeared into the rose bushes.”

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  • JoshJacksonKY

    this website is so full of shit. honestly it even sickens me that i come here to read this garbage. I think i do it only to see how far they are going to push the meter. This is fucking out there. So sick of you bastards

    • matt janovic

      Well, well, someone’s not happy today. Some folks want only bad news, and the Bones here keep bringing positive news.
      But I am very happy, in particular, i am delighted to see that Mr. Gardiner is already spotting trespassers at the White House.

      • So Obama burns 30 years of Nibiru research? That in itself is a load of hog wash! I never see any links in these articles citing the sources, nothing to back up the claims.Speculation and conjecture coupled with hear say is not evidence of anything.

    • I would not let it bother me dude…This is nothing more than Google ratings…The more sensational and outlandish the article the higher the Google ratings…

  • Yeah, no one knows about it, not even NASA or the millions of amateur and professional astronomers with telescopes toward the sky. No one sees it but the conspiracy theorists, Nibiru fanatics and end time religious believers. I guess the rest of us need glasses. They are more than likely referring to this:


    Which has absolutely nothing to do with a fake planet. Printing an article that has some truth to it would be a refreshing breeze for this site but this one is bunk with a capital “B”!

    • matt janovic

      I admit that some Bones articles make me wonder…

      However, all I see from critics is insults. “Conspiracy theory!” (“CT!”) is just another insult, as good as “fake” or “bunk”, except that CT! is used to end discussion of events that the government does not want to be discussed.

      For example, in the case of various airline incidents, cumulatively involving the death of thousands, the government explanations become history, and as such are presented in books, in the media, and in Wikipedia, even when incredible contradictions are present. Occasionally, such official history is created by paid government witnesses. The critics, instead, are automatically defined, even in Wikipedia, as conspiracy theorists.

      So, I hope to read, from Planet X, a detailed presentation of his Nibiru criticism, as I remember was promised last week.

      • Won’t happen sorry…Conspiracy Theory is not an insult, if the shoe fits wear it. This garbage is posted here without one single shred of a primary source or secondary source evidence to the contrary. And unless some one has something concrete that can be verified through a primary or secondary source then the pot has to stop calling the kettle black.

        There is not one single shred of evidence that any government is hiding a fake planet…How do you hide a planet supposedly 8 times the size of the earth? How? Give me a frigging break! All this hocus pocus is just that hocus pocus and nothing more. You want people to believe this stuff? Then start posting the sources I mentioned and if you don’t know what they mean look them up.

        I see all this ho hum about oh a big bad planet is coming to wipe us out yet not a single solitary soul can produce a shred of frigging evidence about this planet…And no Planet X is not Nibiru! Planet X is used to describe a planet that has not not been found or thought to exist…Nibiru never existed then in 1976 and it don’t today.

        Have a nice day.

        • matt janovic

          Sorry, I can’t post any primary or secondary source evidence for Nibiru, since I am neither a believer, nor am I astronomically involved. The problem, for me, is that a million people desperately believe in Nibiru. Hundreds of thousands read these stories at Mike’s Youtube channel, while other Nibiru channels have millions of viewers.

          Many people are actually losing their sleep over this story, and that’s a problem for them and their families. I would be glad to claim disbelief, were it not for the arrogant and nasty manners of Nibiru disbelievers, who insult believers, but are never able to dismiss Nibiru calmly and rationally, with simple factual data, such that any fifth grade kid can comprehend.

          • Look up..You see it? Nope. Case closed. Have a good day. Done.

          • matt janovic

            How can you spot an antipodal planet?
            Have a very nice evening.

    • matt janovic

      Solar magnetic storm could wipe out the grid, and the President knew it, and signed the executive order that you referred to. President Obama is different from his successor, who is apparently not smart enough to understand the problem.

      Had President Obama not known about it, had he been too dense to understand, then his behavior would have been excusable. Instead, he knew about it, spent eight busy years selling and throwing bombs around the world, and then he ordered some serious studies, in October 2016.

      Note that a storm severe enough to kill the grid, would make the U.S. uninhabitable to humans.

      • Oh well.

        • matt janovic

          Yes, It would be a problem to have 100 Fukushimas in the US. Even worse, the cooling ponds will burn

          • So how do you go from a fake planet to EMPS/CMES? I am well aware of the threat posed by those and those threats are real not fake! My point in posting that link to the Obama thing was to point out that it had nothing to do with a fake planet crashing into Earth…So there fore Obama sabotage nothing and the Trump Nibiru disclosure is a hoax no doubt created by CT’ers to get clicks.

          • matt janovic

            “how do you go from a fake planet to EMPS/CMES?”

            How can we face reality, where we can all get wiped out (tonight?) by NEMP or by HEMP or by an artificial air-spread Ebola or by a stupid accident at the nearest nuke, or by a jerk in the Oval Office or by General Jack D. Ripper (see Dr. Strangelove) or by the clathrate gun–which might just fire away in an ice-free arctic?

            One way to avoid reality is to indulge in lighthearted gallows humor, imagining that instead of overwhelming threats, we may be facing an imaginary phantom created ex nihilo, a minor god easily appeased by lighting candles and pouring libations.