Obama Tells WaPo Reporter: “America is a Muslim Nation.”

Disgraced ex-President Barrack “Hussein” Obama today declared America a Muslim nation. He demanded that Americans abandon their irrational hatred of Muslim people and embrace them as

brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers. In an interview with Washington Post reporter Harold Langscott, Obama candidly spoke his mind, revealing what patriotic Americans citizens have known since the moment he illegally seated himself in the Oval Office:  Obama is a Muslim, not a Christian, as he hasclaimed in past interviews.

During the interview, Obama was quoted as saying, “I implore Americans everywhere to accept Muslim as part of this great nation. Muslim citizens have just as much right to American soil as anyone who was born here. My greatest joy as president was increasing the Muslim population of this country.”

He blamed Americans for instigating western prejudice against Muslim people. “Muslim’s have done nothing wrong. Americans have a pre-conceived hatred for anyone who is not like themselves and they then spread this hatred among others. It has spread like a virus and they can only blame themselves for propagating this heinous hatred against a peace-love people,” Obama said.

Fears of terrorism, Obama said, are figments of American imaginations, lies spread by conservatives and political pigs like President Donald Trump.

Obama reiterated that Americans must abolish Muslim hatred and adopt a stance of love and understanding toward their Muslim brothers. “Without Muslims there would be no America,” Obama boldly said. “They are a peaceful people. A loving people. Without them, America would not be what it is today. I stand with them.”

Moreover, he said Trump is a White House visitor, not a resident, whose time in power will soon end. When that happens, Obama said, Amnesty will become universal law and sanctuary cities will spring up across the nation unimpeded by biased hatred. He wants every city to mimic Chicago’s success, he added.

Conservative advocates blasted Obama’s comments, calling them treasonous, evil, and bovine.

Michael Stowers, a representative for Americans against Government Abuse (AAGU,) said: “He is only saying these things because he is a jealous traitor, angry because he no longer sits in the White House. Obama is a traitor to the country he swore to govern and protect. He should be in Guantanamo Bay.”

Chances are, however, that Obama’s comments will be swept under the rug.  The mainstream media has always sheltered and protected its beloved poster child, Barrack Obama, a man with a duel missions: to eradicate Christianity and ultimately unite America under a one-world government.


Note: This is not a hit piece against any religion or creed. This is an objective analysis of a traiter who wormed his way into power by fibbing to the American people.

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