Plot To Assasinate Putin Over Nibiru Disclosure Foiled

Last week, while en route to the G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s plane diverted over three hundred miles to avoid overflying Poland and NATO aligned Baltic States. His IL-96, which he often pilots himself, touched down in Germany over three hours late.

A Kremlin spokesperson said the course change was precautionary and that Russian intelligence had not received any credible threats against Putin’s life. However, our Moscow source, former KGB agent Strelnikov Issac Stepanovich, unearthed shocking information that sharply contradicts the official narrative. Western Deep State operatives, he said, had targeted Putin for termination in response to the Russian president’s promise to warn the world about Nibiru on national television during the nation’s November 4th Unity Day celebration.

The sinister plot, our source said, almost succeeded; minutes before Putin’s plane soared into the sky the Kremlin intercepted “unusual chatter” indicating that dissident Estonian military officers planned to shoot down a high profile airliner over Poland. Moscow transmitted new navigational coordinates, instructing the pilots to veer away from Belarus, Poland, Latvia, and Estonia.

Our Moscow man said the following: “It is highly unusual that a presidential plane would alter heading without dire reason. Many times in the past, diplomatic flights have overflown NATO countries without incident. But now, they want to murder Putin because he wants to tell the world about Nibiru. These people are criminals. They must be stopped! My people are still putting pieces of this puzzle together, but we now know many facts on what transpired.”

Approximately one week prior to the G20 Summit, a band of eight-to-twelve Estonian operatives entered Poland using forged credentials. They travelled incognito to the Puszcza Bukowa, or Beech Forest, a remote wilderness almost directly beneath Putin’s original flight plan, and established a base of operations.

“Somehow, these criminals were equipped with Russian made air defense weapons, including 9K34 Strela-3 shoulder-fired portable missiles and a 2K22 Tunguska, which is a large track mounted platform. I do not know if they shoulder fired weapons could have reached Putin’s plane, unless the Estonians relocated and fired while the airliner descended. But the other weapons system could have blown Putin out of the sky. And since evidence of Russian technology would have been found, everyone would blame the assassination on Russian anti-Putin opposition.”

The Kremlin, Stepanovich said, discovered physical evidence of the plot after Putin had safely landed in Hamburg. Under the cover of darkness, a team of Spetznas located the abandoned Estonian camp and found two man-portable air defense weapons. The tracked vehicle, however, was nowhere to be found; tracks lead in the direction of the Polish city of Szczecin, but Moscow denied the unit commander’s request to pursue the Estonian agents.

“We do not know who specifically armed them, or how the weapons were delivered. What matters is that Russian weapons were found. This points to American involvement. I doubt President Trump knew anything about this operation. This is deep state—people loyal to Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton, criminals who have perpetuated the Nibiru cover-up and continue their insidious agenda against mankind.”

In closing, Stepanovich believes that Deep State operates recruited Estonians because the nation’s active duty and retired military population still resent Russia’s 1940 occupation and annexation of Estonia.

“Even though Estonia declared independence in 1991, tensions remain high,” Stepanovich said. “These people don’t care about Nibiru. They don’t know about Nibiru. They care only about revenge against their former oppressors.”

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  • AbdielSchwitzer

    To hell these lies Putin Nibiru. I sick these. More lies, more falseness. Everytiem more lies more Putin. President Putin no believe Nibiru! Nibiru is false! These websites only makes fake lies fool peoples and i tireds of these lies. Nothing these stories true or can be the truths.

    • matt janovic

      I would never dispute the fact that Abdiel may be tired of lies and of lying. I would also be tired, if I were in his position.

      I appeal to the Bones:
      Please, gentlemen, do give to Abdiel the opportunity of presenting his evidence–or any evidence!– disproving the known facts relative to the 2017 Estonian Conspiracy.