Putin: Anunnaki Days are Numbered

After his May 7 inauguration ceremony, Russian President Vladimir Putin convened a private meeting with senior staff officials and a handful of loyal military commanders, says former KGB agent Strelnikov Isaac Stepanovich. During the session, Putin urged loyalists to worry less about western anti-Russian propaganda and instead focus on ridding the world of a hostile race of extraterrestrials called the Anunnaki. Moreover, Putin said Ministry of Defense officials and scientists from the Mezhgorye extraterrestrial research station in the Ural Mountains were on the verge of scientific breakthroughs that would nullify Anunnaki advantages in future engagements.

Sometime ago, Russian scientists determined the Anunnaki used a network of portals, which only they can see and access, to instantaneously travel from one location to another. All attempts to locate said portals proved unsuccessful. Now, scientists believe they have found a means to disrupt the portals, rendering them temporarily inoperative.

“President Putin thinks he can now turn the tables on these Anunnaki villains,” Stepanovich said. “We believe the Anunnaki emit high frequency chirps and shrills, and the portals are attenuated to respond specifically to this natural sound made by the creatures. The revelation came when a captured Anunnaki at Mezhgorye emitted sounds that deafened its jailors. They think the Anunnaki was trying to summon or access a gateway to escape.”

Researchers theorized, Stepanovich added, that if, for example, a 50,000hz pulse activates the portals then an inverse pulse might break the portal and prevent Anunnaki from fleeing the scene of a battle. Russia has already developed energy weapons that stun or kill Anunnaki; now, if the technology proves effective, Russian Special Services might have a way to coral and eliminate roving bands of Anunnaki intruders.

“The idea is to get a general location of where a portal is located. For example, if we receive a report of Anunnaki troops massing in an area, there’s a very good likelihood of a portal being nearby. We then send aircraft over the area and carpet bomb the location with sonic disrupters in hopes of denying them a means of escape—if it works.”

Stepanovich admits the technology is experimental and has yet to be tested in a battlefield environment. Putin, he says, is desperately exploring all angles to once and for all eradicate the Anunnaki scourge and is willing to repurpose a sizable percentage of Russia’s gross national product and military forces to meet that goal. His biggest internal obstacle, Stepanovich said, has been convincing anti-western hardline generals to endorse his agenda. Last month, Putin fired twelve tenured generals that scoffed at his proposals; other dissenters have been granted early retirement or been reassigned less arduous duties. Putin has no tolerance for staff that complains peevishly, raises trivial objections, or uses his meetings as a forum to cavil. Putin seeks unity among his staff.

“Putin has no problem kicking whiners out of the Kremlin,” Stepanovich said. “The two who yelled at him that the sonic development program would not work were ousted. Another was sent to Siberia. Putin knows he must try everything possible and that many failures will precede his eventual success against these Anunnaki monsters. Putin said the Anunnaki’s days are numbered; it’s just a matter of time.”

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