Putin Bombs Anunnaki in Russia

Yesterday, mysterious flashes of light and ground -shaking explosions in Russia sparked fears of an alien invasion, a secret weapons test, or a United States nuclear strike on North Korea. Although the Russian Ministry of Defense refused to comment on the astonishing incident, our source, former KGB agent Strelnikov Isaac Stepanovich, said the detonations were the result of a devastating cruise missile strike, ordered by Vladimir Putin, against an Anunnaki stronghold in the Republic of Tatarsta in southwestern Russia.

According to Stepanovich, Russian intelligence determined that a company of Anunnaki invaders had somehow penetrated the Russia-Kazakhstan border and maneuvered undetected to the outskirts of Tatarsta, where they fortified their position within both a batch of abandoned factories and a network of nearby caves. They remained hidden for nearly two months before vigilant citizens spotted the unearthly creatures wandering the countryside and alerted local authorities.

“When the Kremlin found out, President Putin ordered Spetznas from Mezhgorye to recon the area and engage, if possible, or report the disposition of alien forces. If the report is accurate, as many as three hundred Anunnaki occupied the area, far too many for a squad to handle. President Putin took decisive action to send a message to these vermin.”

At just past midnight (local time,) Russian submarines in the Baltic Sea launched a barrage of cruise missiles at the Anunnaki installation. Simultaneously, Russian artillery divisions and long-range bombers from Shaykovo air force base dropped a combined 100 tons of ordinance on the Anunnaki.

The light show and thunderous explosions were seen and heard across thousands of square miles.

At daybreak, Russian reconnaissance aircraft conducted a preliminary battlefield damage assessment; the entire area had been laid waste. Buildings had turned to dust; caves had collapsed in on themselves; and craters dotted the landscape. Soon after, a detachment of extraterrestrial specialists from  Mezhgorye—a top-secret Russian military base in the Ural mountains akin to the United States’  Area 51—arrived on scene to mop up any surviving Anunnaki and sanitize the area.

But, Stepanovich said, they found no survivors.

“No Anunnaki, despite their advanced technology, could have survived Putin’s onslaught. They literally faced hell on Earth. They were vaporized, blown to bits, or turned to ash. This shows Putin’s resolve to fight these monsters on Earth,” Stepanovich said.

After recent skirmishes with Anunnaki in Syria and Afghanistan, he added, Putin wasn’t taking any chances, and has issued a silent decree to confront and destroy malevolent extraterrestrials that threaten Russian sovereignty, no matter what the cost.

And this incident, he confided, was not without collateral damage: since the bombardment, sixty-three Russian men, women, and children have been reported missing.  Stepanovich believes these brave souls inadvertently wandered into the attack area, or were struck by errant ordinance.

“President Putin considers this negligible loses in the grand scheme of things. Families will be paid, or otherwise encouraged to keep quiet. That’s the nature of things,” Stepanovich said.

In closing, he said Putin believes other governments, including the United States, Germany, and Israel, has already been compromised by Anunnaki. Therefore, Putin is taking drastic steps to ensure the Anunnaki do not insinuate themselves into the Russian way of life.

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    • Somebones

      We stand by our source.

      • Who is your source? …… Olav Njolstad hisself?

        Does he know?

        • Somebones

          Thank you for your question. With respect, we protect our sources’ identities for their safety. Please know our organization maintains a network of reliable sources around the world. We never run a story without corroboration from two external sources.

          • What safety risk is there regarding the retraction of a Nobel Prize?
            Obama will drone bomb them?

            As this information hasn’t been released anywhere else – if your sources for what Olav Njolstad said do not include Olav Njolstad himself then it’s likely some folk are pulling your leg.

            And if Olav Njolstad said it – you can say so. ‘Cos if you can’t then he didn’t say it.

          • Sipowicz Yevgeny

            Why should Olav Njolstad be involved? It’s Olav Zizek who’s in charge of the Nobel Institute.

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    • tnetcenter
  • Lee


  • Clint Squire

    this is just the tip of the ice berg for Obummer! Ha I don’t condone bad things happening to people but this tyrant has caused so much evil in this world, there is no recourse for him now… Get ready! Here it comes! You haven’t seen anything yet! 😉

  • TruthFreedom

    true story

  • Angie McEvilly

    Anastasia The Ringing Cedar books …By Vladimir Megre these Russian books are awakening people and give you visions …The Annunaki are real…Enki is still here Yarwah has come using Nibiru…Sitchin was wrong on some things this story must be told truthfully the Hopi prophecy has even been hacked….look at the celebrities and how satanic they have become Enki is showing himself and has given birth to a moon…Saturn 9th moon….Annunaki are on our moon ..David Ike is right…