Putin Heists Maduro’s Gold, but why?

Fearing the United States might invade Venezuela and hijack the country’s gold, Nicolas Maduro last month began sheltering hard currency in nations across the globe—Turkey, the United Kingdom, and Russia.  On 10 January, Maduro asked Vladimir Putin if he would temporarily hold twenty billion dollars of gold bullion until threat of invasion had ended. A week later, Flightrader24.com, the internet’s most reliable source of real-time flight data, tracked a fleet of Boeing 777s departing Simon Bolivar International Airport for Russia. Almost simultaneously, a half dozen An-225 Mryias, Russia’s largest strategic airlifters, flew across the ocean from Moscow toward El Libertador Air Base, where keen-eyed observers later spotted palettes of gold bars being loaded onto the Russian aircraft.

Putin purportedly said he would stash the gold in a secret bunker beneath the Ural Mountains until Maduro reclaimed it. However, our Moscow source, a high-ranking MoD official speaking under anonymity for fear of state reprisal, claims Putin has double-crossed Maduro and plans to keep the gold for himself, possibly as part of a nefarious agenda.

“When President Putin heard Maduro wanted to hide his gold, he was all too happy to contact him and offer to shield it from western theft.  Ten aircraft loaded with gold. Putin guaranteed him the gold would be safe and secure and that Maduro could take it back anytime he wants. But this is not true. Putin stole gold.”

According to our source, when Putin took full possession of the gold he contacted Maduro and said, “Thank you for the gold, comrade. Good luck getting it back. We need it more than you do.”

Moreover, our source made a shocking statement that directly contradicts Putin’s stance toward hostile extraterrestrials. He said Putin is hording gold in case the Anunnaki overwhelm Russian defenses and demand gold in exchange for not obliterating Russia and enslaving its people.

“For years now Putin has taken a hardline public stance against the Anunnaki, saying he would fight them with his last breath. But privately he is afraid, very afraid. He knows the Anunnaki have a cryptic fascination with gold. They have told him so. And some of us believe he is stockpiling gold to give the Anunnaki, to appease them, if they launch a strike on the Motherland,” our source said.

His proactive comments may have merit. Several astronomers, xeno-biologists, and Planet X scholars have postulated that the Anunnaki home planet requires large amounts of gold dust in its atmosphere to repel deadly ultraviolet radiation. It’s been speculated, too, that the Anunnaki have exhausted native gold reserves and must therefore pillage other planets, including Earth, to obtain the precious metal they seek.

“Putin knows this. I do believe he wants to defeat the Anunnaki, but also realizes and hope of doing so is a fool’s hope. So, he braces for the worst, in case he must give them gold to spare his people a terrible fate.  This is why he tricked Maduro to send gold to Russia,” our source said.

In closing, this reporter believes we ought to keep an open mind to all eventualities; some African cultures, after all, posit that extraterrestrial beings have been visiting Earth for tens of thousands of years, and that these “visitors from the stars” forced other species to excavate gold on their behalf.

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