Putin Preps To Combat Anunnaki Invaders

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered his top military commanders to prepare elite soldiers for a forthcoming war against invading Anunnaki, says former KGB Agent Issac Strelnikov Stepanopvich. Russian operatives, he says, have in the last several years failed to vanquish Anunnaki raiding parties in the Ukraine, Syria, and the South Poles, locations where, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the extraterrestrials have mustering in advance of Nibiru’s arrival.

Stepanovich says a recent Russian skirmish with an Anunnaki cartography expedition in northwest Syria ended in disaster; thirteen of fourteen Spetznas died a gruesome death. They were either impaled with blades or shot with exotic energy weapons that literally turned their insides out. In another failed expedition, a Russian Special Forces detachment stumbled upon an Anunnaki nest in a network of caves just outside Raqqa while hunting for ISIS insurgents. The aliens speared, gutted, and mutilated the Russians, leaving only a sole survivor to escape to tell his tale.

For these reasons, Stepanovich says, Putin has been grooming a “crack” unit of battle-hardened veterans to tackle the Anunnaki threat whenever or wherever it arises. Right now, one such unit is participating in Russian-Belarusian military exercises near Minks, where thousands of troops, aircraft, and tanks are rehearsing on NATO’s eastern edge. Of the 5,500 Russian soldiers partaking in the exercise, two hundred and fifty represent Putin’s new anti-Anunnaki mobilization team, Stepanovich says.

“Entry into Putin’s private branch is no small matter,” Stepanovich said. “Any recruits must involuntarily be shot three times in the vest. Very painful, but less stressful than a bullet striking the flesh. They must also, with some protective gear, endure several minutes under the fiery blast of a flamethrower, jump from a plane without a potentially inoperative parachute, and show some resilience to shrapnel-producing ordinance exploding around them, shrug off being sprayed in the face with acid like what has happened recently in France. Moreover, they must swear an oath to never cower when faced by Anunnaki hordes. Any soldier violating this codex is given two options: Siberia or death.”

He says this training is tenfold more rigorous than that undertaken by United States Navy Seals and Special Forces Operators. While United States soldiers are being discharged or forced into early retirement for failing to answer “yes” as to whether they would fire upon unarmed American civilians, Russian soldiers are being trained to combat the greatest threat humanity might ever face.

After sixteen weeks of intense physical, emotional, and mental torture, soldiers of the anti-Anunnaki task force receive training in special tactics and weapons, including cutting-edge lasers capable of penetrating Anunnaki energy shields and carapaces.

“Putin is tired, very tired,” Stepanovich said. “This species has infiltrated every aspect of society. He is ready to make his stand. He proved his commitment to training his men just yesterday.”

On Monday, a Russian KA-52 “Alligator” attack helicopter, a proven mainstay in that country’s arsenal, reportedly “misfired,” launching an air-to-ground missile dangerously close to a squad of Russian soldiers.  Stepanovich says the misfire was a test, aimed at Putin’s future anti-Anunnaki warriors, to test their metal in the face of certain death.

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