Putin Receives Warning: Do NotDisclose Nibiru

On Saturday, an anonymous source within the Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed that Vladimir Putin received an ominous warning in the form of a letter from an unlikely player in the grand scheme of the Nibiru conspiracy. Penned by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the confidential letter mentioned “unfortunate consequences” for Putin if he followed through with plans to warn the world about Nibiru on national television during the Russian Unity Celebration on November 4.

According to our source, Russian intelligence authenticated the document and confirmed the signature belonged to Erdogan. The letter baffled Putin; until now, the Turkish government, despite a querulous relationship with Moscow, had been silent on all issues regarding Nibiru.

“The timing and content of the letter are highly suspect,” our source said. “While the exact wording of the letter remains a tightly guarded state secret known to only Putin himself, some of us were briefed on the threat and shown some of the letter so we could take any and all appropriate action to safeguard Putin against dangers to his life. Yes, Putin has tried to contact Erdogan for an explanation—without success, so far. But Putin does not believe Ergodan wrote this letter of his own free will.”

Putin believes another NATO member state, or a combination thereof, bullied Erdogan into writing the letter; thus, diverting attention away from the true criminals perpetuating the Nibiru cover-up. Putin doubts that Erdogan would develop a sudden interest in Nibiru, or risk war by threatening the leader of a superpower. Moreover, the letter’s syntax and grammar were not characteristic of Erdogan’s writing samples maintained by Russian intelligence.

“One sentence of the letter said, and I quote ‘President Putin, your plans for 4 November are poison to the continuity of civilization.’ This suggests someone will try to poison Putin before Unity Day disclosure, a tactic commonly used by American deep state agents.”

Another sentence read, “Such a disclosure would be like a bombshell from which you may never recover,” alluding to a drone strike against Putin or, worse, all-out war with Russia, our source said.

Yet another sentence said, “Don’t be led astray by your heart. Unfortunate consequences may occur if you attack yourself by going forward with this idea.” Piecing the words “heart” and “attack” together suggest Putin might be shot with a heart attack gun, a favored weapon of the CIA. Kremlin cryptologists are diligently working to decipher further hidden meanings in the letter.

These veiled threats, our source added, originated elsewhere, and Erdogan merely translated the message verbatim and sent it to Vladimir Putin as ordered. Regardless of who authored the content, Putin wholeheartedly believes someone, somewhere coerced Ergodan into writing the letter.

“This will not alter Putin’s plans,” our source said. “He intends to fulfill his destiny and do the right thing for humanity. Putin is putting himself on a limb here. Because if Nibiru does not show, he will certainly be laughed out of office and his enemies will leap upon him like wolves on a wounded stag. Putin is trying to ferret out the true author. Right now, he suspects everyone; he suspects no one. Rest assured, his finest agents are working around the clock to discover the truth behind this evil threat.”

In closing, our source says Kremlin security has been tightened, and additional Russian Presidential Security Service (SBP) agents will shadow Putin’s every movement leading up to and beyond the planned date of disclosure.

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      You must remember to refry the papaline, otherwise you sick in stomach again.

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