Putin To Disclose Nibiru

Former KGB and FSB agent Strelnikov Issac Stepanovich says Russian President Vladimir Putin has severed an uneasy “Nibiru Alliance” with Donald Trump and has decided to singlehandedly warn the world about the dark star and its orbiting planets in the coming months. For nearly a year, the two leaders had planned a joint disclosure, but pressure from within the Republican Party, in parallel with Democratic threats of impeachment, have forced Trump to forestall mentioning the word Nibiru. Ideally, their unified voices would have carried more weight and reached a larger audience than if delivered by a sole messenger.

Despite understanding Trump’s political upheavals, Putin has grown impatient; he decided to tell the world about Nibiru after consulting with six senior Russian scientists. He wants to make the announcement while people still have time to put their affairs in order, Stepanovich said.

“President Putin has always known Nibiru is real,” Stepanovich explained. “He desperately wanted to make a join announcement with the American President Donald Trump. Putin pleaded with him. He did everything but beg. But, no, now President Putin must do this alone. He will deliver the most important speech in the history of humankind. He has set the date.”

The tentative date of disclosure, he says, is scheduled for November 4, 2017, on the Russian “Unity Day” national holiday. Putin picked this date for several reasons. First, the majority of the Russian population will be off work, at home with family, likely anticipating Putin’s annual Unity Day speech. He also hopes a four-month lead-time might be enough for Trump to “silence” the opposition and get on “the right side of history.” Finally, and most important, Putin will reveal the ultimate truth: Russians—and people everywhere—will have approximately two years before Nibiru sweeps through the inner solar system.

“President Putin believes people will use this time to settle differences, and hopefully unite under a single banner in preparation for this terrible tribulation,” Stepanovich said. “He wants Russians, Cossacks, and Ukrainians to shelve their hatred for one another a work toward surviving a potential apocalypse.”

Asked whether Putin knows exactly how Nibiru will affect our planet, Stepanovich replied cryptically, “Only President Putin knows what President Putin knows,” adding that even the scientific community’s brightest minds disagree on the level of destruction Nibiru will leave in its wake. With each passage through our solar system, Nibiru yields different results in terms of influencing our climate and geography—sometimes trivial, but often catastrophic.

“Putin does not know if we will survive Nibiru, but he is hopeful,” Stepanovich said. “Unlike western politicians like dog-face Hillary Clinton and evil Angela Merkel, Putin will be doing the right thing for people across the world.”

In closing, he asserts that Russia and the United States have at least collaborated on a Nibiru defense initiative, including missile defense systems and orbiting lasers to destroy asteroids and meteorites within the Nibiru system. Other projects, he says, are being considered, but remain stuck in the design and development stage, trapped in a pit of black project bureaucracy.

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  • AbdielSchwitzer

    These websites must stop lies President Putin. All stories lies more Nibiru and Putin just upsets people no reason. Why lies these more and more? everytime is more lies bigger lies from these site.

    • matt janovic

      Little chance that these website may be able to stop President Putin’s lies, since:
      a. scant is the evidence of President Putin lying;
      b. it’s most likely that President Putin cares little about what these Bones say.

  • شيء من الماضي

    How do you say ..The tentative date of disclosure, he says, is scheduled for November 4, 2017, on the Russian “Unity Day” national holiday. …Although , David Meade’s investigative interpretation of the Nibiru timeline. He quite convincingly determined Oct 1-10,2017.

    • matt janovic

      I am not totally convinced, as yet, by Congressman David Meade’s investigative interpretation.