Putin to Trump: “Put Hillary In Jail Before It’s Too Late”

At yesterday’s historic summit in Helsinki, Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin held a public presser. They shook hands, smiled, exchanged jokes, and discussed North Korea, allegations of Russian meddling in American politics, fake news, and ways to make Earth safe and prosperous for all of humanity. That is what the public saw. During a private two-hour meeting, however, both men dropped their political facades and spoke candidly on a topic that would have further enraged the rabid democrats who had already labeled Trump a traitor for merely agreeing to meet his Russian counterpart.

Putin urged Trump to incarcerate Hillary Clinton before her wicked schemes push society to the brink of destruction, says a White House source who accompanied Trump home aboard Air Force One. Putin assured Trump his words were simply suggestions, not attempts to undermine or manipulate American politics.

But, Putin had ample reason to sound the alarm. Without elaborating on his methods, he said the Russian Federal Service Bureau had obtained a wealth of credible data implicating Clinton in a plot to not only depose Trump but also plunge the world into a nuclear holocaust. Russian intelligence had somehow obtained a Clinton email, purportedly sent to Barack Obama, saying a nuclear conflict with Russia would be great for America and good for the world. Supposedly, the document highlighted a plan using America’s nuclear triad in massive first strike that would cripple Russia’s ability to launch a counterattack.

According to our source, Trump initially laughed at Putin’s comment, but his laughter quickly subsided when he saw the deadpan serious expression on Putin’s face.

“You must put Hillary Clinton in jail before it’s too late,” Putin allegedly said.

“Then Trump dropped a bombshell on Putin. The president said he’d like to see Hillary locked up for life, but arresting her was beyond his purview. Shortly after sitting down for the first time in the Oval Office, Trump said he was told he could go after smaller fish but not Clinton. Hillary was not to be touched,” our source said.

Putin sympathized with Trump’s dilemma. He said the Ministry of Defense identified Clinton as one of five western Deep State players with sufficient resources and currency to destabilize governments and wreak havoc upon the world. Clinton is loose cannon whose freedom imperils humanity, Putin said.

“If not in this life then the next, she’ll get what’s coming to her,” Trump replied. “She might escape the justice system but she can’t escape God.”

“Putin said even with her failing health that might be too long to wait. He seemed genuinely concerned that if the Democrats retake the House and Senate during the midterms, it would bolster Hillary’s chances of running again in 2020, as she’s hinted. Putin told Trump to stay strong and not be intimidated by weasels in the henhouse. He encouraged Trump to dismantle the Deep State from within, and admitted Russia had once had its own shadow government problems,” our source said.

During Boris Yeltsin’s presidency, cartels of Russian banksters and mobsters, and Western industrial leaders and politicians, purchased Yeltsin to do their bidding. They aimed to enact their own version of Agenda 21 by insidiously collapsing the economy and driving the population to the brink of starvation. But, Yeltsin was typically too drunk to comprehend their nefarious agenda; alcoholism and poor approval ratings led to his resignation. When Putin rose to power in May 1990, Putin dissolved Yeltsin’s agreements, and executed or exiled corrupt politicians who sold their souls to the shadow government.

While falling short of suggesting Trump execute anyone, Putin detailed Stalin tactics for making people disappear from their beds at night. “I hear Hillary is a sound sleeper,” he quipped.

“Putin told him Hillary wants war. She hates Russia almost as much as she hates America. If Clinton, or even someone of her choosing, defeats Trump in 2020, assuming we’re still here, the world will explode in an atomic fireball. He told Trump they could not allow that to happen,” our source said.

If all information is accurate, the meeting adjourned sans commitment, but with a firm handshake and a pledge to work toward sustaining peace in a world filled with capricious lunatics.

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