Putin’s Plea To Trump: “We Must Warn the World About NIBIRU Together”

an urgent letter authored by Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived at the White House early Monday morning, said our highly dependable Washington insider. The document marked ‘For Trump’s Eyes Only,” was sealed inside a diplomatic pouch, hand-delivered to Trump during his blueberry pancake and toasted croissant breakfast in the Oval Office. Although Washington has disavowed all knowledge of the highly classified document, our Moscow source, a former KGB and GRU agent named Issac Strelnikov Stepanovich, corroborated the letter’s authenticity and shed light on what history might regard as the most important exchange of information between the Kremlin and the White House.

The Putin letter, Stepanovich remembers, carried an urgent plea: “To my esteemed friend, comrade President Donald Trump, we must tell the world about Nibiru together.”

According to Stepanovich, Putin has favored Nibiru disclosure since taking office. The magnitude of the Nibiru conspiracy weighs heavily on his mind.  Last year, Putin planned to tackle disclosure on his own, but at the last moment cancelled the anticipated announcement because western leaders—including Barack Obama and Benjamin Netaniahu and Francois Hollande—threatened to start World War III and nuke Moscow if he opened his mouth about Nibiru. Furthermore, Putin believed his message would be ignored; Washington had already labeled him an “agent of evil.”

Stepanovich said, “That Obama dog and nasty witch Hillary Clinton did everything they could to stop disclosure. Putin tried to appeal to them, but it was no good. They wanted to maintain the cover-up for their own selfish reasons. Now, President Putin turns to Trump. Putin put much thought into that letter.”

Stepanovich talks of an often-uneasy détente, saying that both Trump and Putin share a similar agenda. Being men of peace with an unremitting love for their respective nations, they want to unite humankind under a single banner to combat global crises like Nibiru and Hillary Clinton.

Stepanovich says that Putin is counting on Trump’s cavalier attitude and flagrant disregard for Washington political procedures; but also understands that Trump faces insurmountable obstacles, such as a divided Republican Party, eavesdropping Democratic spies, and the Washington Post, blocking his path toward a heartfelt, successful disclosure.

Stepanovich explains: “Putin is sympathetic to Trump’s plight, but believes that Trump is strong enough to crush his political adversaries and move toward disclosure. Trump is very strong man. Putin saw a Trump tweet of Trump at gym bench-pressing one hundred and fifty kilogram weights. Very strong man. Putin wants them to make the announcement together, at the right time.”

Timing is important; a botched disclosure on a topic 99% of the world never heard of, and most of the rest regards as a fantasy, would fan the flames of growing discontent. Trump might be impeached, laughed out of Washington, or be institutionalized. For this reason, Stepanovich says, Putin favors a joint disclosure, with himself making the announcement on Russia Today (RT) and Trump using a fair and balanced platform like FOX NEWS to convey the gravity of the Nibiru realities. Only their unified voice, communicating the same message, leaving no margin of ambiguity, would awaken the world to the cosmic threat looming in the vastness of space.

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  • matt janovic

    This is an outrageous, devious attack against Nibiru and Nibiruites.

    To say that Nibiru is “a topic that 99% of the world never heard of , and most of the rest regards as a fantasy” is simply outrageous.

    You google “Nibiru” and you get a million hits. A primary source for Nibiru science is the Washington Post, where we can read that, “in the estimation of NASA astrophysicist David Morrison, there are some 2 million websites devoted to what happens when Nibiru meets Earth.”

    • AbdielSchwitzer

      You stupid believe these lies. More fake news from these website hurt President Putin these nibiru thing not real never real never will be real but some you stupid people keep thinking that these false westernism stories makes real news. Everything says these story about Putin is lie after another lie. And stupid people see these lies and believes Putin some moron Stupid.

      • matt janovic

        Did I say that I “believes Putin some moron Stupid?”
        Did I say that I believe “these lies after lies”?

        I only cited most honorable WaPo and article saying that Nibiru has millions of followers. So I proved that this article is tendentious anti-Nibiruism.

        • AbdielSchwitzer

          Fuck these matt janovic i no listens matt janovic

          • matt janovic

            Wenn Fliegen hinter Fliegen fliegen, fliegen Fliegen Fliegen hinterher.

          • AbdielSchwitzer

            I no hear these lies

          • matt janovic

            Lies of flies?

      • BogeyJoeSr

        You sir are ignorant if you believe Trump and Putin both are on wrong page here. Remember Putin had Moscow population go through 4day emergency drill last year? Not from world war threat.. Nibiru threat, naysayer. It’s real. You’ll see in Oct’17

  • SolarWanderer

    Wow, another Hillary Clinton smear piece.

    • matt janovic

      Now look, the Bones say nothing against Hillary, they just cite some commie KGB fellow, who is unfriendly to Hillary, which is the guy’s right. Should the Bones ignore the KGB man’s testimony, just because he is unfriendly?

      Calling the former First Lady a “nasty witch” is not even an obscenity. Would you want to censor some clown who calls Melania “a beautiful nasty witch”? I am sure you admire the present First Lady, but our love for her should not lead us to censorious desires.

      • BogeyJoeSr

        Agree wholely. I personally believe we’d be hurting big-time had Hillary gotten in as POTUS. Gladly Trump is going against his does, keeping my far right folks Happy for now. I also value your writings.

  • Doomsday Phil (DDP)

    All bogus bull…

    • AbdielSchwitzer

      Yes these websites lies more Nibiru and President Putin. I read these long times and always same ways lies fools for peoples to read and tricks.

      • matt janovic

        Double, double toil and trouble
        Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.

  • Jesus888

    Holy praise to Andromedian council ships

  • Brian Hecht

    No need now .. the Great American Eclipse will do it for them … 8.21.2017