Putin’s Quest For Alien Tech In Antarctica

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been scouring the frigid Antarctica wastelands for exotic alien technology, devices—offensive and defensive—to help combat a malicious race of extraterrestrials believed to hail from the Nibiru System. In early March, just before the first round of the Russian presidential election, Putin will make his eighth voyage in seventeen months to the frozen continent.

According to a Ministry of Defense (MoD) official wishing to remain anonymous, several alien species—hostile, benevolent, and neutral—have visited Earth, in some cases either accidentally or intentionally leaving behind foreign technology.

In June 2016, a Russian orbital surveillance system detected anomalous heat blooms at two Antarctica locations: one deep beneath the Larson Ice Shelf, and another underneath Valkyrie Dome. Our source said Putin initially suspected that the heat signatures belonged to United States military assets conducting illegal weapons testing—possibly nuclear—in the area.

“President Putin was very concerned that Americans might be trying deploy nuclear weapons in Antarctica. Russia already had scientific research team in progress, so the Kremlin instructed them to check out the closest thermal signature—at the mountain Valkyrie Dome. They avoided Ice Shelf location because it meant overflying USA-controlled Amundson-Scott research station. Putin did not want to tip his hand in case Americans were deploying weapons.”

But, our source added, the Russian team found no evidence of American troops or weapons anywhere near Valkyrie Dome. Rather, they discovered a cave mouth that seemed to wind into the depths of the Earth, opening into an enormous subterranean cavern with an ecosystem all its own. Unlike the glacial plateau above, the chamber, which had several arteries leading even deeper underground, was a self-contained biosphere, with a constant temperature of eight-three degrees fahrenheit, replete with warm lakes and streams, and plant life. Also, it held what the scientific team deemed to be inorganic, advanced technology.

Their first discovery, our source said, was a seamless, metallic spherical object approximately the size of a large grapefruit.

“The item was some sort of reactor; we believe generated power for the cavern. They determined it is capable of producing 20,000mw of power, about five times more energy than the planet’s most efficient nuclear power station. But the technology has baffled our brightest minds; we have yet to discover secrets and harness that power.”

Russia’s quest for cutting-edge technology did not end there; over time, additional discoveries included a molecular disruption weapon that atrophies human flesh and another that causes spontaneous human combustion.

Toward the end of 2016, Vladimir Putin began accompanying the research team to Antarctica. He wanted a firsthand look at the artifacts before they were flown to Russia’s extra-terrestrial research outpost in the Ural Mountains. Also, after several fatalities, he wanted to ensure his scientists followed established safety protocols to prevent future loss of life.

All but one of Putin’s excursions has been classified top-secret; and the Kremlin spun a fictitious story—claiming Putin was in Antarctica to supervise waste cleanup from previous Russian deployments—to conceal the reason behind Putin’s trip. For each subsequent trip, the Kremlin merely said Putin was enjoying a sabbatical at his private retreat, Villa Segren, a mansion on a fifty-acre estate located on Lodochny Island in the Gulf of Finland.

“This of course was a lie,” our source said. “The Kremlin and MoD needed an excuse to tell curious reporters or opposition leaders eager to usurp Putin’s power. If Putin vanished from the limelight for even a day, crazy conspiracy theories start popping up all over the place. Cover stories are needed.”

Our source said Putin plans one additional trip to Antarctica before the start of the Russian presidential election cycle in March. If all information is accurate, he will oversee the excavation of a new antechamber, believed to contain a trove of alien tech, several hundred meters beneath the mountain.

Asked why Putin seeks this technology, our source said Putin will use alien artifacts and relics to combat malevolent extraterrestrials, not to endanger humanity or wage war against other nations.

“Putin loves Earth,” our source said, “and has taken it upon himself to rid the planet of evil, alien vermin.”

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