Russia Destroys Extraterrestrial Drones

On Monday, the Russian military scored a decisive victory over marauding extraterrestrials, said Russian Federal Service Bureau officer Isan Ivanov. His account expands on an official statement issued by the Ministry of Defense, which claims that Russian air defense batteries shot down a group of unmanned drones of unknown origin near Khmeimim Air Base in Syria.

Ivanov said the alien craft employed cloaking technology to penetrate Russian-controlled airspace but were detected by Russia’s next-generation Air Defense Identification Grid (ADIG) five kilometers from the airfield. Although he would not comment on technology used to defeat the cloak, Ivanov claims at least three aircraft, each approximately thirty-five feet long, were destroyed.

He admits Russia’s first attempt to destroy the drones failed. Upon detecting the intruders, the airbase commander used a combination of conventional weapons–23mm anti-aircraft shells and several short-range ground-to-air missiles. But the extraterrestrials possessed an energy screen that absorbed or repelled kinetic-based weapons. At that point, vehicle-mounted, high-energy lasers—a technology Russia has been developing to defeat extraterrestrial threats—engaged and destroyed the invaders.

Ivanov said this is not the first time extraterrestrials have overflown the airbase; in January, a two kilometer wide “mothership” appeared in the sky above Khmeimim, and in may a pair of smaller vessels travelling at over 7,000 mph flew over the airfield. In those instances, the intruding aircraft disappeared before they could be engaged.

There is a reason, Ivanov said, Khmeimim is such a hotbed of UFO activity: the airbase is a secret staging ground for Vladimir Putin’s clandestine war against species of malevolent extraterrestrials.

“They are constantly probing our defenses. Khmeimim has been a primary base of operations for assaults on alien life forms in this theater of operations. It is used to launch attacks on the Anunnaki and others that seek to extinguish human life. There are always two divisions of Special Services here and a compliment of extraterrestrial specialists from the Metzgoya outpost. We are dedicated to protecting humanity from non-terrestrial entities. We do not know what race Monday’s targets belonged to, but this shows our resolve.”

He said Russian scientists in hazmat suits examined the wreckage and were bewildered at the technology. A thorough analysis of salvaged components revealed neither a visible propulsion system nor a hint of the vehicle’s cloaking mechanism. One section contained “millions” of, what he described as, fiber optic-like cables through which pulsed a luminous amber liquid. The remnants were classified “above top secret” and flown to the Metzgoya extraterrestrial research station in the Ural Mountains. That location, he said, is the Russian equivalent of Area 51 and Dulce Base, and houses captured ETs and their respective technologies. He warns that alien superiority raises the risk of worldwide attacks and believes only a unified command, with all governments working in tandem, can defeat extraterrestrial threats to our planet.

“President Putin is working hard to understand these technologies and develop countermeasures,” Ivanov said. “But he knows he needs help, which is why he is soliciting assistance from other leaders across the planet. No one government can win this war alone.”

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