Russia Preparing to Assault Anunnaki in Antarctica

A small stretch of Arctic water has become a hotbed for Russian military activity over the last several weeks. Residents near the Norwegian island of Vardo have reported seeing an unprecedented buildup of Russian military forces in the area—including ground, naval, and air units involved in “strange and unusual” military maneuvers. Many military analysts believe the frozen tundra, located just thirty kilometers from Russia’s Kola Peninsula, is a staging ground to thwart western expansionism. Our Moscow source, however, paints a much more sinister picture; Russian forces, he says, are training for a massive strike against an Anunnaki hive in Antarctica.

The Anunnaki, he says, are impervious to cold and therefore established a primary base of operations in the vast wasteland of the frozen continent. Many of these hives are subterranean, hidden thousands of feet below ground, undetectable by current satellite technology. Moreover, our source asserts the villainous Anunnaki use cloaking technology and transportation portals to mitigate risks of detection. They are experts at camouflage and concealment, typically appearing only when they wish to be seen.

“There may be thousands of Anunnaki warriors hiding there,” our source said. “President Putin knows this, and is taking matters into his hand. The Russian military is conducting drills in advance of a preemptive strike against the Anunnaki threat. The Anunnaki like cold, because Nibiru is two hundred degrees below zero.”

President Putin, he said, learned of the Anunnaki threat from the sole survivor of a Russian cartography expedition that encountered a nest of extraterrestrials near the Larsen Ice Shelf. Allegedly, the survivor returned with compelling video evidence, prompting Putin into action. That video was quickly classified top secret and is now located in a Kremlin vault, our source said.

If all information is accurate, Putin has committed the bulk of Russian surface vessels and an untold number of submarines to the operation. Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, normally berthed in Sevastopol, will rendezvous with other naval, air, and ground assets at an undisclosed location off the eastern coast of Antarctica, within striking distance of the Anunnaki outposts. Our source admits he does not know when Putin will give the order to strike, but believes he will evacuate all Russian citizens from Antarctica prior to firing a single shot.

“I do not know when this will happen. Only one man knows. And that man is President Putin. If he orders an evacuation—that will be the sign. I imagine he is weighing his options very carefully. He wants to prevent unnecessary loss of life and give his troops the greatest chance of victory and surviving the encounter. Even though ballistic missile submarines are involved in the operation, I do not think Putin will use the nuclear option. That requires collaboration with other governments. I feel he will try to rely on conventional weapons, such as cruise missiles and other forms of aerial bombardment to crush the Anunnaki invaders,” our source explained.

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  • matt janovic

    Dogspeed to the brave Soviet skiers–humanity’s fate is in their hands!

    • AbdielSchwitzer

      These false! Putin not believes Anunnaki or Nibiru

      • matt janovic

        Whether President Putin believes it or not, the FACT remains that someone in Moscow is organizing a ski paratrooper surprise action against the Southern Annunaki Territories.

        • AbdielSchwitzer

          where is these proofs?

          • matt janovic

            Facts are facts, and it’s absurd to deny self-evident facts, visible to all who have an open mind. Are we to deny the picture above? Are we to deny that Russian raindeer-drawn artillery has already been spotted in Antartica?