Russia Ready For War!

MOSCOW — As American and allied officials celebrated the opening of a long-awaited missile defense system in Europe with a ribbon cutting and a band, the reaction in Russia on Thursday was much bleaker and suggested the system had raised the risks of a nuclear war.

Russian officials, including Vladimir Putin, also known as “Vladimir the Ruthless” reiterated their position that the American-built missile defense shield compromised Russia’s security, and could be used for launching a quick, devastating first strike against Russia.

Our Moscow source confirmed Russian officials are taking the issue very seriously.  “Right from the start, we have been saying that our experts are convinced that the deployment of the ABM system is a violation of the ABM Treaty and poses a certain threat to the Russian Federation,” the Kremlin spokesman, Dmitri S. Peskov, told reporters in a conference call.

Russia is not buying the United States’s explanation that the missile defense shield would be used against only “rogue” states like Iran and North Korea. In Moscow, the asr4Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, said Russian defense experts consider the site a threat.

“We still view the destructive actions of the United States and its allies in the area of missile defense as a direct threat to global and regional security,” Ms. Zakharova said. “Our main worry is Hillary Clinton. Remember her laughter about the lynching of Khadafy.  That lady is mad, and her girlfriends are even worse.”

The 1964 film “Dr. Strangelove” is now mandatory at Russian military academies, and all possible variants of an effective doomsday machine are under study, to discourage the first strike option that is said to have much popularity in Western capitals, from Tallinn to Kiev and Ankara.

Russia recently test fired its latest anti-first-strike weapon, the “Tvrd Mini Torpedo 2”,  rumored to be the smallest ever designed and equipped with stealth technology.  It is to be flushed down the toilet at any Russian embassy or consulate.  Passing through the sewer system of any Western metropolis, the Tvrd will glide through enemy sewers and home for the chosen toilets; it will be equipped with a variable 0.1 to 0.5 kiloton payload.

In New York City, the chosen targets are said to be located at Trump Tower, the New York Times offices, and Yankee Stadium.  Kremlin specialists discount the possibility of a Hillary victory, saying, “Americans are confused, but they are not stupid.”

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  • AbdielSchwitzer

    These website try incite war w/Russia. Russia want left alone no bother westernism problems, but these peoples keep talk bad about Russia make others think Russia war country but no this is not very truths much falseness and provokes problems. These websites should be gone and not make lies putin/Russia because makes tensions do not exist!

    • Sipowicz Yevgeny

      I must say I disagree with you. Tensions do exist, and actually many in Russia believe to be at war already. After all, Russians are dying in the Ukraine and in Syria, in combat with forces armed and financed by NATO countries.

      As for the above article, I see it in a very different light. I do not vouch for the hitherto secret information that the article offers, but I fail to see your “talk bad about Russia” point.

      Why should the SOB website be gone? Where, how do “these website try incite war?”

  • antobojar

    Gentelmen..! Don’t fight.. it is war room..!

    • Sipowicz Yevgeny

      We are not fighting, we are not even arguing. I admire Abdiel’s respect for Uncle Joe, for the good old days of his grandfather.

      • antobojar

        .. ha ha.. a little misunderstanding.. it was a quote from mentioned above.. in article.. “Dr.Strangelove” film..

        • Sipowicz Yevgeny

          Ah, thanks, how old of me, must watch the film again.
          You at RT sometime? Anglos are so stuck in the fantasy of media unreality, that they really think they are threatened by the Russian bear.
          I am afraid there is no hope, and that final war may come.

          • antobojar

            RT..? every day.. few times.. but I got a ban.. ha ha.. again.. for wholeheartedly supporting Russia and V.Putin.. but Langley’s trolls still there, undisturbed.. strange.. isn’t it..?

          • Sipowicz Yevgeny

            Very odd, same thing and same circumstances for me, also banned. I did notice how RT allows any obscenity to be piled up on Putin, nema problema.

            Weekend before last, someone gave good advice on a method of unbanning yourself in a very simple way. Went back to note, and he was gone. Did you notice that trick, perhaps?

          • antobojar

            yes.. I did notice that some people talked about it..
            But I am not interested.. If they don’t want me there.. fine..
            I am not a cat, which has to do a poop.. ha ha.. in the very same and only one place.. 🙂
            It is very stupid of RT.. the only thing which comes to my mind is, that they leave forum for American idiots-trolls, so the world can see, how primitive these troglodytes are.. :))))

          • Sipowicz Yevgeny

            Agreed, RT has important work to do, trying to keep us from nuclear war, and does it very poorly. It’s a propaganda outfit and does not do it well. For example, this weekend they had the incredible opportunity of advertising that Ansar or al-Nusra atrocity, and they just forgot about it. Very odd.

          • Sipowicz Yevgeny

            Also annoying is the fact that they also ban people who competently and rationally–though falsely–defend the Empire.

            It would appear that RT has no rational strategy, and that Yossarian–see interview with RT censor below–is really in charge there.

          • antobojar

            I think that it is mocked interview.. Yossarian is a character from “Catch 22” by Joseph Heller..

          • Sipowicz Yevgeny

            If you tell me that, you did not read the interview yet. Check it out, and its follow-up

          • antobojar

            I didn’t.. I cannot go beyond first few lines.. because I ma chocking with laughter..
            But I will try again..:)))

          • Sipowicz Yevgeny

            Glad you like it

  • Daniel Scott

    Speaking as a white European (Irish),I can honestly tell everyone that,outside of the USA,Russia has a lot more respect and support from the vast majority of people from every corner of this once great planet.America has brought the peoples of this world to their knees.America is responsible for the vast majority of conflicts going on in this world.So,America,you had better start praying that there will not be a multinational conflict because,apart from Britain and Israel,you are on your own.You have caused enough death and devastation and soon it will be time to reap what you have sowed.

    • Sipowicz Yevgeny

      Unfortunately, Daniel Scott suffers from a common leftist malady, exuberant optimism.
      I suffer from pessimism; I read European papers, and I know that most Europeans fell for the MH17 false flag trick, and turned against Russia over the Ukraine.

      Anyway, it was France that attacked Libya and Syria. The US just followed, like they followed Europe, when it decided to destroy Yugoslavia.

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