Russia To Build NIBIRU Observatory

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed an executive order instructing the Russian Space Agency to immediately begin construction on a Nibiru observatory.  A pair of memos—obtained via our Moscow source—highlight Putin’s courageous endeavor to unmask a global conspiracy that has plagued human kind.

If all information is accurate, Putin has committed 860,000,000 dinars—deferred from Russia’s national defense budget—toward  the construction of the observatory and its 46” opto-radio-infrared parallax telescope. Revolutionary optics should permit unobstructed viewing and tracking of the Nibiru system as it swings around the dark side of the sun and begins its deadly approach toward Earth.  Although construction of the observatory will take place on Mt. Dzhimara, chosen for its altitude and clear view of the southern skies, the telescope itself will be prefabricated in Potsdam, DDR and, once completed, flown to North Ossetia.

The telescope incorporates a security feature: an integrated retinal scan preventing unauthorized users from accessing the cutting-edge optics. Unapproved users will see images of the moon or another benign celestial object—anything but Nibiru.

Putin finalized his bold plan, sources say, after speaking with President Trump, with whom he has forged an uneasy détente regarding all aspects of the Nibiru cover-up. Both world leaders have repeatedly asserted a desire to terminate the Nibiru conspiracy.

Critics of Putin’s agenda, however, question the allocation of funds and the unusual timing.

Russian opposition leader Yevgeniya Chirikova was quoted as saying, “Why now? This Nibiru thing is supposed to arrive later this year, before the observatory is completed, most likely. What good would it do then? A blatant waste of money. If Putin wants the telescope, he should fund it himself. Besides, this Nibiru was supposed to show up in 2000, 2003, 2006, 2008, and 2012—and nothing!”

Mikhail Khodorkovsky, a vocal critic of Putin, echoed Chirkova’s sentiments: “Putin is up to something,” Khdorkovsky said. “He is very sneaky, like a weasel. He wastes money needed to combat western expansionism on foolish projects. This will be his undoing.”

But Vladimir Putin, arguably the second most powerful man in the world, answers to his own authority. His steely gaze and unwavering calm are enough to silence most critics. In fact, the operation may already be underway; eyewitnesses from Mozdok, reported seeing military helicopters airlifting steel girders, construction equipment and machinery to the summit of Mt. Dzhimira. A chain of pack mules was spotted lugging less burdensome equipment up a treacherous path leading to the mountaintop.

Putin’s risky venture suggests one of two possibilities; he is either intentionally bankrupting his own economy or he is privy to inside information indicating that the Nibiru apocalypse might not transpire in 2017.

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  • STILLTWaiting4Nibiru

    Odd. I’m sure they already have several viewing platforms.

    • matt janovic

      This must be a specially built telescope, like a magic periscope. After all, Nibiru seems to be always hiding behind something else, so you have to peer behind this “something else” to see Nibiru clearly.

    • Jessica Schab

      yeah like someones 10 dollar camera?? blahahaha idiot, this proves you guys are a bunch of homo..sapien idiots.

      • matt janovic

        H. sapiens, please

        • Jessica Schab


  • Perry Grant

    You automatically lost me when you used the expression “dark side of the sun”, again. How would you expect anyone to take this seriously? And then there is the story that goes that Nibiru is approaching from an oblique angle toward the South Pole. Your stories are very inconsistent.

    • matt janovic

      On the contrary, I have noticed, in all stories of this website, remarkable consistency, totally in tune with NewScience dictates and protocols.

      As for the Dark Side of the Sun theory, it was first posited by Einstein in his “Über die von der molekularkinetischen Theorie der Wärme geforderte Bewegung von in ruhenden Flüssigkeiten suspendierten Teilchen.”

      Just check it out, page 555, Annalen der Physik (Berlin), 322 (8), pp. 549–560,

    • Oldskool 90s Dublin Dance Scen

      Also lost me when he said “Putin has committed 860,000,000 dinars” last time i checked russian currency was the Ruble ?
      Dinar is the currency of some North African & Middle Eastern Countries.

      • Sipowicz Yevgeny

        The problem is that Mount Dzhimara is in the Russian Republic of North Ossetia–Alania.

        In Italian, denaro means money.
        In Roman times, since the THird Century BC, the denarius was a silver coin; the name was passed on, as dinar to different successor kingdoms, including the ancient Kingdom of Alania. Clearly, President Putin, wants to remind the Ossetian-Alans of their ancient glorious history; so, he has chosen to use their ancient coinage, at the rate of 1000 dinars to one 1924 gold ruble.

      • Martin Beddig

        “the telescope itself will be prefabricated in Potsdam, DDR” Hahahaha. Wrong Century. Hahaha. Has anyonone noticed the fall of the “Mauer” in 1989?

        • matt janovic

          A temporal dissonance; minor though, in consideration of anthropocene discrepancies.

    • Planet X Central

      They lose track of their hoaxes.