Russian Brass Briefs Nations on Nibiru

Last week, Russian Foreign Prime Minister Sergei Lavrov and Chief of Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Valery Garasimov travelled abroad on a classified mission to share intelligence on an approaching dark star that Vladimir Putin believes will imperil the Earth when it reaches perigee in February 2021.

A Kremlin source familiar with the assignment said Garasimov and Lavrov visited Tel Aviv, Berlin, and Paris, where they held closed-door meetings with those nations’ respective leaders, Benjamin Netanyahu, Angela Merkel, and Francois Macron. By all reports, the three western leaders, who have historically shunned Putin and have been sparingly parsimonious on allocating funds toward Nibiru research and survival, literally begged Putin to send advisors capable of sharing credible data and evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of their own Planet X survival efforts.

“Contrary to popular opinion, President Putin has offered aids to 245 different nations. Very few want it. He was surprised Germany, France, and Israel reached out. Naturally, Putin said sure. Kremlin made cover story, saying the meeting was to discuss Syria, Ukraine, and Donbas.  But this is pure fiction. Never before have had two prominent officials jointly gone on such trips. This was all about Nibiru,” our source said.

Lavrov and Garasimov’s roles were clearly defined. Prime Minister Lavrov shared factual political and scientific data; Chief of Staff Garasimov outlined Russia’s Nibiru defense plan and offered suggestions to improve France and Germany’s woefully inadequate preparedness. Macron was the worst to deal with, our source said. When told that the fiery debris from Nibiru’s twin tails would likely incinerate Paris, Macron exploded in a tirade. He aggrandized his position by saying his Nibiru intelligence–gleamed from internet conspiracy forums and an outdated 1987 NASA Nibiru report–had already proved the twin tails conjecture as hyperbole and that France was geographically situated to survive the looming Nibiru apocalypse. He admitted he had not spent a single Euro toward Nibiru survival and was more interested in promoting anti-Russian hysteria and bragging about France’s World Cup victory than saving his people from potential doom, our source said.

The meeting with Merkel fared slightly better, as she actually showed interest in saving “some” people from Nibiru’s wrath. When Lavrov explained that Putin had spent trillions of rubles constructing vast subterraneous survival shelters that could accommodate a significant percentage of Russia’s population, and Garasimov emphasized the need for an asteroid defense shield similar to the one Russia had developed using a combination of S-500 and hypersonic missile batteries, Merkel confessed she had no interest in saving all German lives, only those who could enhance society in the aftermath of Nibiru’s arrival.

“Surprisingly, Merkel agreed with the 2021 arrival date. She said Germany had already constructed many deep under military bases, but they could house only one-half of one percent of the population. She said Germany would use American and Euro technology to fight asteroids and meteorites. But she also said that tests proved their underground bases were not totally immune to existing powerful conventional weapons and low-yield nuclear warheads. She asked Garasimov for technical schematics on a proprietary Russian technology,” our source said.

That technology, our source said, is synthetic steel-like alloy strong enough to resist tremendous punishment. “Imagine 1/20th centimeter of steel giving the same durability of 1 centimeter of steel. How Merkel learned of it is a mystery. But, Lavrov said Putin would not share the tech unless it was used to protect all people, not just elites. Ironically, the meeting with Netanyahu was the most productive.”

Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman received the Russian envoy at Netanyahu’s Tel Aviv estate. Whereas the other gatherings ended after barely an hour, the Russian-Israeli talks lasted nearly two days, with Netanyahu seemingly concerned with preserving all Israeli lives in the face of biblical disaster. According to our source, Netanyahu said western alliances did not preclude his ability to accept Russian aid if such assistance prevents loss of life. He explained that Israeli’s geographic terrain inhibits underground construction and he asked Lavrov for alternative solutions.

“From what I understand, Lavrov and Garasimov thought he was being sincere.  They told him time was short and there might not be much hope of survival. But, they would ask Putin if Israel could relocate some its citizens to protected areas within Russia. Netanyahu said Israelis were proud citizens and would not likely move, no matter what.  The offer was made.”

In closing, our source said identical data was given to all three leaders: the Nibiru system comprises a brown dwarf star and seven orbiting planets, the most distant of which will reach perigee at 0.3 astronomical units during the last two weeks of February 2021. It is currently visible at the sun’s 8’oclock position and travelling at a mean speed of 12,000 kph. No expert on the planet knows precisely what disasters will befall Earth, but analysis and historical precedence suggest drastic climate change, pole shift, and devastating meteor storm that will rain fiery death upon the globe.

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