Russian Defense Minister: Anunnaki Not Contained

On Friday, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu told a cadre of Russian military brass rumors of Anunnaki containment or exodus were untrue and that isolated skirmishes with extraterrestrial insurgents could escalate to a theater wide military confrontation unless regional commanders identify and destroy incursions as they happen, says a source familiar with the situation.

During the hour-long session, Shoygu dispelled a rumor, likely propagated by the Anunnaki, that the malicious race of extraterrestrials had grown tired of fighting humans and had therefore abandoned Earth in favor of another planet to plunder.  He said the Anunnaki are experts at manipulation and have insidiously insinuated themselves into all aspects of human affairs.

“The Anunnaki have  a legion of human sympathizers they use to do their bidding,” our source said. “The Anunnaki promise their humans magnificent rewards, but of course they never deliver. These people are willing slaves to the Anunnaki. One of their biggest lies is they are the progenitors of humanity. The truth is they seek our destruction or enslavement. But they are concerned because advancements in Russian technology and anti-Anunnaki tactics have thwarted numerous incursion attempts. That’s why they’re trying to trick Putin into believing humans no longer hold their interest. At Putin’s request, Shoygu reminded his people the Anunnaki remain a grave threat to Russian security.”

Moreover, Shoygu said any Russian caught harboring, or associating with, an Anunnaki would be charged with aiding and abetting the enemy and declared a traitor to the Motherland. He admitted, however, that Special Services recently noticed a significant decrease in Anunnaki sightings, particularly in known hotspots such as Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria, and the Ukraine. Shoygu said the Anunnaki’s apparent absence is merely a ploy to lull Putin into a false sense of security, while the villainous creatures target less sophisticated locations, like the disease-stricken Congo where, contrary to erroneous WHO and CDC reports, bodies are still dropping like flies.

“It doesn’t matter where they’re attacking now, because Putin knows they will be back with a vengeance. That is why he tasked Shoygu with maintaining vigilance. Even when they are not attacking en masse, the Anunnaki are still around. Last week, a small scouting party was spotted near the Metzgoya extraterrestrial research outpost in the Urals, but they escaped,” our source said.

Shoygu reprimanded the Spetznas unit commander responsible for the escape, saying even seemingly trivial incursions must be treated as full-scale invasions; five Anunnaki can quickly become five hundred, he said, alluding to the trans-dimensional portals they use to instantly teleport from one location to another. When faced against Anunnaki, cowardice, complacency, and ill preparedness are not acceptable options, Shoygu purportedly said. Every Russian soldier, he added, must be prepared to confront the alien scourge.

Our source says Shoygu’s statement is not entirely practical.  As of July 2018, only 6,300 military personnel have been briefed on the existence of Anunnaki, and of those, only approximately 2,200 received training on the acoustic and energy weapons known to be effective against alien defenses.

“Putin’s heart is in the right place, but he needs to up his game,” our source said. “He not only needs more of his own men ready to repel zergs of Anunnaki, he needs the assistance of other leaders willing to value the survival of humanity over their private political agendas and save us from a race of beings that see us as nothing more than food.”

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