Russian Journalist Stabbed Over Nibiru Disclosure

On Monday, a knife-wielding assailant stabbed a prominent Russian journalist who had intended to expose the Nibiru cover-up on the Echo of Moscow radio station, says a Russian Ministry of Defense official wishing to remain anonymous. The would-be assassin, identified as Boris Gertz, bullied his way past a security guard and knifed Tatiana Felgengauer, 32, in the throat. A pair of radio station employees subdued Gertz before he had a chance to finish the job.

The mainstream media labeled Gertz as mentally unstable, claiming he was smitten by Tatiana’s vexing beauty and charismatic charm. Our source, however, believes the official narrative is a charade to conceal the true motive for the crime: to prevent her from going public with Nibiru data.

“The timing of the attack is highly suspect,” our source said. “We have obtained a copy of Felgengaur’s agenda. She was going to speak on several topics, one of which was Nibiru. What exactly she planned to say, I have no clue. Don’t even know it might have been accurate information or if she merely wanted to address a listener’s concerns. This criminal, Gertz, may have been paid or programmed to assassinate Ms. Felgengauer.”

Gertz reportedly told police “I have never met her in reality, but I have seen and felt her in my head,” suggesting he was drunk, insane, or psychotropic ally manipulated into carrying out the attack. Assuming the later, why—with scores of people openly discussing Nibiru on social media—would anyone single out Felgengauer?

Our source presents two possible scenarios. Felgengaur’s father is a prominent military analyst who is often critical of Russian authorities. Therefore, he says, the attack could have been politically motivated. Given the timing and nature of the crime, our source provides an alternative—and more likely—theory. He says the attack on Felgengauer may have been warning to Vladimir Putin who, according to former KGB agent Strelnikov Issac Stepanoich, intends to shatter the Nibiru conspiracy on November 4.

“Putin might have known of this woman’s plan to speak on Nibiru. Not much escapes his watchful eyes. In fact, he may have encouraged her—a soft disclosure before he himself takes center stage. If so, Putin underestimated the opposition’s resolve to stop public disclosure.”

Asked who the opposition was, our source said Putin has numerous enemies. Elements within the state Duma and non-systemic opposition parties have learned of Putin’s impending disclosure, and tried, thus far without success, to discourage Putin from publically mentioning the word Nibiru. Moreover, he says Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who was recently released from prison, may have masterminded the operation. Powerful anti-Putin critics, he added, have ties to western governments that secretly fund movements to overthrow Putin.

“Worms like Navalny are in bed with the American Deep State. And it will stop at nothing to prevent a public disclosure. They channel enormous sums of money into the hands of these traitors, hoping to end Putin’s political career, or even his life. That snake Barrack Obama and that witch Hillary Clinton are driving forces of the Deep State and the Nibiru cover-up. It is sad that Ms. Felgengauer got caught up in this.”

Although Felgengaur’s wounds were superficial and she is recovering from the assault, our source believes she “got the message” and will abandon doing talk shows dealing with Nibiru. Right now, Putin’s next move is anyone’s guess.

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