Russian Nibiru Whistle-Blower Murdered

A Russian journalist and potential Nibiru whistle-blower died Sunday morning after falling from an 11th story apartment window in Moscow.  Nikita Razvozhaev, 25, of Saratov, was staying at a friend’s apartment while researching Vladimir Putin’s interest in a brown dwarf star—Nibiru—that orbits the inner solar system and precariously approaches Earth ever 3600 years. Russian authorities labeled his death a suicide because he apparently left a lengthy suicide note–apologizing to his family for failing to meet their expectations–on a Russian social media site.

An anonymous Ministry of Defense Source, however, said that Razvozhaev was murdered, that Moscow police were complicit in the crime, and that the suicide note was manufactured by whoever orchestrated his death.

The most damning evidence of foul play, our source said, was the corpse itself. The investigating officers discovered Razvozhaev’s mangled body at 7:30 am; his wrists were bound in black rope behind his back, and his right cheek had three surgical-like lacerations, as if he had been tortured with a scalpel.

“These facts were excised from the official investigative and autopsy reports,” our source said. “I don’t know who ordered this. The additional evidence might lead one believe one it was FSB, Kremlin, or even President Putin. But this was no accident. It was homicide, and the suicide not was not written by Razvozhaev.”

The death note was a curious touch, as Razvozhaev had never demonstrated suicidal tendencies, at least according to friends and family. One of his grandmothers, Lisa Danilovich, described him as a happy-go-lucky young man with a promising future. His other grandmother, Sasha Razvozhaev, said her grandson was an Orthodox Christian who would never take his own life, for the faith regards suicide as a rejection of God’s gift of physical life, an act of despair, and a transgression of sixth commandment.  Friends said Razvozhaev was a kind soul who always valued others’ needs over his own.

What’s more, the purported suicide note, which has since been deleted, was posted to VKontakte at 7:37 am, seven minutes after police found the body.

“This man was murdered and there is a huge cover-up to conceal it,” our source said. “His computer is key.”

He said police searched the apartment and seized a laptop, on which they found classified documents linking Putin to a global Nibiru conspiracy. The information supposedly highlighted Putin’s intent to distance himself from co-conspirators and focus on saving Russian lives from an impending cosmic cataclysm. Several documents contained plans to relocate millions of citizens to a vast underground survival complex in advance of Nibiru’s arrival. Our source said this data was stored on an encrypted Kremlin server; thus, Razvozhaev must have hacked one of the world’s most secure information networks to obtain the information.

Razvozhaev’s death is regrettable. He could have shed light on a topic mired in controversy for decades. Who ordered his death remains open to speculation and conjecture. If it was Putin, then why? Of all the world’s nations, Russia has been the most transparent on Nibiru disclosure, and Putin has used agents for soft disclosure across many types of media. If western governments engineered Razvozhaev’s death, how did they infiltrate not only the Moscow police but also the higher levels of Russian government required for such an elaborate plan.

The whole truth may never be known.

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