Russian Special Services Apprehend Anunnaki in Crimea

On Tuesday, Russian Special Services detained a suspected Anunnaki insurgent in the Crimea region of Bakhchisarai, says former KGB agent Strelnikov Isaac Stepanovich.  Acting on tips provided by local residents, many of whom observed abnormally tall humanoids skulking near the village outskirts, Russian Spetznas descended on the area and began searching for suspicious individuals.

Shortly after dark, Stepanovich said, a Spetznas recon squad confronted a seven-foot tall humanoid with translucent skin that appeared to be phasing in out of existence. When asked to halt and show identification, the creature spoke “unintelligible gibberish” and then fled the scene. The soldiers gave chase, pursing the alien infidel throughout the city.

“Reports say the alien moved at phenomenal speeds, possibly 40kph. Initially, the creature eluded them, jumping tall obstacles and weaving in and out of back-alleys and side streets. It had superhuman agility, but apparently limited Stamina; after a forty-five minute pursuit, the Spetznas converged on the target, trapping it on a dead-end road,” Stepanovich said.

Debriefed at the Kremlin, the unit commander told his superiors the Anunnaki employed some form of innate sonic weapon that caused disorientation and confusion; a high-frequency sound wave compelled two soldiers to drop their weapons and instinctively cover their ears. Somehow, the remaining Spetznas resisted the attack and subdued the extraterrestrial.  Stepanovich said the Kremlin has not released details on how the creature was captured or what weapons, if any, were used to apprehend it. Under tight guard, the beast was taken to a secret military installation at the base of Mount Yanantau, in the Ural Mountains, Stepanovich added.

“I don’t know if additional details are forthcoming. The Ministry of Defense is being very quiet about the incident. This does prove that President Putin continues to take the extraterrestrial threat seriously and, how do you say, go the extra mile toward protecting humanity from invasive species,” Stepanovich said.

Vladimir Putin, he argues, is one of few world leaders to take seriously the extraterrestrial threat. He has devoted substantial resources—manpower and money—toward identifying and combatting meddlesome species throughout not only Russia but also neighboring nations.

“Syria, Yemen, and Afghanistan, to name a few,” Stepanovich said. “These countries lack finances and military hardware to repel alien incursions. And Putin views hostile ets as vermin to be eradicated. The Anunnaki is just one species of many.”

By his estimation, the Kremlin knows of at least nine extraterrestrial races currently visiting Earth or living amongst us. While a few species are neutral or benevolent, the majority is a consortium of malevolent beings eager to destabilize humanity by subverting global governments. The Anunnaki and Reptilians, he says, are the worst of the worst, having already seated themselves in positions of political power.

In closing, Stepanovich says Russia will continue advancing technology to defeat threats from above, regardless of actions or inactions taken by other countries.  “They were here before us, they will be here after us, but we reserve the right to protect ourselves and our interests,” he said.


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  • AbdielSchwitzer

    These story lies more. Makes false statements Putin Anunnaki. Putin not know or believes Anunnaki. Lies!

    • waiting4Nibiru

      Anunnaki are here. I’ve seen them on Nibiru and on Earth. Open ur eyes and take a look around.

    • Ned Carbine

      KGB deep state shill. Piss off.

  • Dana Webb

    Sounds like a tall tale to me.

  • Mitchell K Smith

    Fallen Angels

  • skimmer521

    so there attacking the governments even thought they have there peoples in high places in the governments???? sounds like tall tales. I know there are aliens visiting, but give me a break. Now there working at oposite ends???

  • Craig A. Mouldey

    This story lacks a very important element. Proof! Not a single scrap of proof. It’s just someone spinning a yarn. Although I did have a creature, half human, half horse, visit me. I had it in for a cup of tea. Kidding. Just kidding. But my story has as much basis as the one above.

  • Macacawitz

    This story is more believable than the one about Obama. Nice work comrades. You’re probably the primary news source at every trailer park in America.

    • Dan887

      Don’t be an idiot. These things are real and are dangerous fallen angels.

  • Dan887

    The creature is a demon. It allowed itself to be caught and only pretended to put up a supernatural fight and flight. It allowed itself to be caught because it is pretending to be an alien and so as to perpetuate the alien myth and fool humanity into believing in their existence. But, the truth iis, these things are fallen angels in disguise and are part of satan’s army.

    • Dan

      I can believe that.

    • Hoodoo H


  • OldmanMaestro .

    Fascinating, but reads like a Stargate episode.

  • thomas jefferson

    Considering the number of ALIENS in US MILITARY bases,this will bring every government troll on their payroll,ATTACKING THIS INFORMATION,theres a reason its forbidden by the US CONSTITUTION to have STANDING ARMIES in america,to bad the peoples IQ has dropped lower then their dog,they might be able to understand it….TODAY I recieved in the mail here in colorado a report of a group of OLD TERRORISTS coming back into power,THE RANGERS,they are the same ones who attacked the miners at LUDLOW and murdered the families and threw their bodies down a mine shaft to hide the mass slaughter of women and children they killed for the rockifellers who owned the mines,NOW THEIR BACK AGAIN…wonder what they have planned for the dumb shits in colorado this time………..

  • Beat it’s ass. I know the Russians know what to do. Great job, now give that demon a wood shampoo for me!

  • Ed Nolan

    If Putin didn’t chase it down on horse back while not wearing a shirt…..Then I don’t believe it.

  • Alleged-Comment


  • blagostwin

    You let them get the jump on you again. You can launch a pre dawn raid on Manafort but you can’t do squat here.

  • Michel Svrin

    All these facts seems to adhere to a certain reality, but facing the number of false information, we must think before validating it.
    For example, some details leaves some doubts hanging. All these articles are described according to Strelnikov Isaac Stepanovich, always the same informant.
    1- Whatever he’s former KGB agent is one thing, but it no longer doesn’t represent any accreditation to receive first-rate information !?
    2- Putin was physically threatened if he disclosed the truth, OK: If he was threatened, how to leave alive a former KGB agent who divulges confidential information on the internet, while it would be better to silence him !?
    3- This agent is quoted in each article, which implies that without him nothing would be revealed anywhere?
    We know that the best solution to dispel the truth is to let the real and the false circulate on the net, nevertheless many points corroborate the reality, it is therefore necessary to ensure the credibility of this type of highly sensitive information.

  • Longoola