Russian-Turkish Force Battle Anunnaki In Syria

In the pre-dawn hours of Thursday, 12 October, a joint Russian-Turkish military unit skirmished with Anunnaki invaders thirty miles northwest of Aleppo, near the Turkish-Syrian border. An active Russian intelligence officer says a Turkish army convoy consisting of one hundred commandos and multiple armored personnel carriers rendezvoused with Russian Spetznas and “extra-terrestrial specialists.” Presidents Putin and Erdoğan green lit the operation after confirming reports of “non-human entities” massing near the embattled border city.

According to our source, Erdoğan sought Putin’s help, fearing legions of Anunnaki might leave Syria—a domain they have been known to inhabit—and plague his country. Despite Erdoğan’s allegiance to NATO, Putin was sympathetic to his plight; after all, Turkey had recently signed a costly deal to purchase S-400 air defense systems from Russia. Moreover, Putin sees the Anunnaki as a scourge to be wiped from the planet, our source added.

“Russian Special Forces have battled Anunnaki in the past. In the years two years alone, we have lost three expeditionary forces to extra-terrestrial conflicts in the area. We lost because these creatures seem to have immunity to ballistic weapons. This time, we had the advantage. We discovered they have almost no resistance to medium strength energy weapons. How Putin discovered this, I don’t know. Maybe tested on captured Anunnaki.”

He says the military unit employed cutting-edge, vehicle-mounted lasers capable of producing steady bursts of 10-kilowatt energy, which essentially vaporized the Anunnaki on contact. Because the Anunnaki had been hiding in a network of caves and needed flushing out, Turkish forces sustained an unconfirmed number of casualties during a protracted engagement lasting more than two hours.

“Many Turkish commandos went into the cave to meet their doom to route the Anunnaki,” our source said. “We do not have handheld laser units yet—maybe soon. So soldiers had to draw them out for Russian soldiers to target and disintegrate. Anunnaki might be smart but also not so smart. Had they stayed deep in the cave the vehicles and weapons could not have reached them. But they kept pouring out from the mouth of the cave to avenge their fallen comrades, and two by two they fell.”

As vaporization precludes an accurate body count, he estimates between fifty to seventy-five Anunnaki warriors perished to Russian technology. The Russian Ministry of Defense, he adds, for several years has manufactured advanced laser, plasma, and hypersonic weapons. Despite claims that such weapons have been developed to counter ICBMs, cruise missiles, and drones, they are intended to defeat threats from “space and beyond,” not “from abroad.”

In 2016, Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov revealed the Russian military commissioned several types of laser weaponry in accordance with the nation’s future battlefront policies. Even today, though, prohibitive costs prevent widespread distribution among everyday fighting soldiers, and the few existing laser platforms are reserved for “discreet tactical combat units.”

Following Thursday’s successful engagement, Putin and Erdoğan classified the operation “top secret” and agreed to withhold any details from media outlets.  Additionally, they concocted a cover story—hunting for ISIS freedom fighters—in case the press or foreign intelligence agencies caught wind of the operation.

In closing, our source says the Anunnaki threat is far from over, as the Kremlin speculates pockets of Anunnaki insurgents still dwell in Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan.

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