Shinzo Abe Asks Trump: “What About NIBIRU?”

During a private meeting at the United Nations General Assembly on September 20, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe pulled Donald Trump aside and asked him, “What are we going to do about Nibiru?” says a Secret Service agent wishing to remain amonomys who accompanied the American President to New York.

Throughout his presidential campaign, Trump hinted at acknowledging the Nibiru realities, even saying during his inaugural address that he was ready to “unlock the mysteries of space,” a comment many truth-seekers and foreign dignitaries interpreted as a subtle willingness to once and for all dismantle the Nibiru conspiracy. But as time passed, Trump shied away from disclosure; Pressure from within his own party, Democratic threats of impeachment, and even Vatican interference convinced Trump that disclosure might bring a premature end to his budding presidency.

At the UN, with own security staff and personal translators present, Abe asked Trump about his plans to warn the world about the greatest threat to civilization. When Trump responded, “don’t worry. I have a great plan, a fantastic plan for dealing with ‘rocket man,’ Abe replied that he was referring to Nibiru, not North Korea’s despot leader, shamefully admitting his own lack of political prominence precluded a personal Nibiru disclosure.

“Trump sympathized with Abe, and vice versa,” our Secret Service source said. “Abe seemed genuinely concerned about the Nibiru threat and seemed to ponder what hope might remain for mankind once Nibiru sweeps through the solar system.”

Trump, our source added, told Abe not to worry about disclosure, because Russian President Vladimir Putin had already planned to tell the world about Nibiru on Russian Unity Day. Besides, Trump’s own scientific advisors were not convinced the Nibiru System would arrive during his presidency, be it four or eight years.

“So President Trump figured it would be risky to talk about a topic not even guaranteed to happen while he’s in office,” our source said. “Even if Putin’s people believe Nibiru is going to be here in 2020, Trump’s apparently aren’t so sure. And he figures it would be stupid to risk being vanquished to political obscurity or impeached for talking about Nibiru, which has so many disputed facts. Prime Minister Abe, however, urged him to reconsider, saying he didn’t trust Putin.”

Abe had doubts, citing Putin’s allegiance to the KGB as a primary reason for distrusting any word spoken or action taken by the Russian president. “Once a KGB, always a KGB,” Abe said, reinforcing his rhetoric by pointing Russia’s past public and private dealings with North Korea.

But Trump said the KGB was a relic of the past, and President Putin, a contemporary champion of democracy, had abandoned totalitarianism in favor of a free and democratic society in which all persons’ voice should be heard and the betterment of society outweighed the need for perpetual secrecy.

In closing, our source made a poignant comment: “Trump told Abe that if Putin doesn’t follow through with his commitment to reveal Nibiru on November 4, he would revisit the issue, with or without congressional approval.”


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