SpaceX Plans Another Nibiru Research Launch

Billionaire Elon Musk’s shadowy SpaceX Company plans to send yet another Falcon-9 rocket with a classified payload into the depths of space sometime in mid-November. For the third consecutive time, a blanket of secrecy surrounds the nature of the launch, which is estimated to cost taxpayers a few hundred million dollars and the value of the “top secret” apparatus housed in the payload module. Despite the veil of subterfuge, an agency source, speaking under condition of anonymity, says Musk belongs to fraternity of elitists who—because of their financial influence—have been granted knowledge of an impending cataclysmic event.

According to our source, Musk has collaborated with NASA and the government in gathering intelligence on a brown dwarf star with seven companion planets that intersect the inner solar system every 3,600 years, give or take. The government, he adds, has conscripted wealthy individuals to do its bidding, people whose financial records and private investments are immune to Freedom of Information Act inquiries.

“Elon is secretly obsessed with Nibiru,” our source said. “I’ve known him for ten years; I know how the man thinks. The government promised him ‘life after Nibiru’ if he got onboard with their program and promised to keep it all hush hush. That’s why all the payloads are classified; they deal with scientific instruments created to better gauge Nibiru’s time line and the effects that will imperil our planet once it crosses. Granted, I don’t know all the details, but I know what I’ve been told, by Elon and others, and from what I’ve learned privately.”

On September 7, a Falcon-9 thundered into orbit with an air force X37-B strapped to its fuselage. That mission, our source said, delivered a state-of-the-art infrared telescope into high-Earth orbit. Cutting-edge optics are being used to track the Nibiru system’s motion through space.

November’s mission, he says, will also deposit additional Nibiru monitoring devices in orbit.

“This launch will carry a deep space thermal imaging satellite into orbit.” our source said, “Elon has met with high ranking military and civilian officials several times during the last two months. There’s a reason the government is enlisting public help—for money and secrecy. Do you know why Obama killed the shuttle program? Because too many questions were being asked about what exactly those orbiters were doing up there. By relying on people like Elon, the government can largely absolve itself of culpability.”

The government-controlled mainstream media has remained silent on launch details. Research indicates November’s payload has no public claim of ownership—from any government or private corporation.

If all information is accurate, Musk has proven himself to be nothing more than a government stooge, eager to sacrifice others to preserve his own petty existence in the wake of whatever cataclysmic event befalls our planet.

In closing, our source says Musk is not only guilty of furthering the Nibiru cover-up but also of having worked alongside the government to deliver numerous clandestine spy satellites—used to gather intelligence on law-abiding American citizens—into space.

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