Trump Offers Kim Jung-un Cash for Denuclearization

President Donald J. Trump secretly offered despot leader Kim Jung-un six billion dollars annually in exchange for making peace with his South Korean counterpart, Moon Jai-In, and a promise to abide by a denuclearization treaty that guarantees the Korean peninsula remains free of atomic weapons. This information comes from a White House insider who previously revealed Oval Office secrets before they actually happened, such as Stephen Bannon’s banishment  from Trump’s inner circle and former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s abrupt termination.

Trump’s actions, our source said, have betrayed a founding principle of American politics: we do not negotiate with terrorists. If all information is accurate, Trump has joined ranks with previous American presidents who blatantly bargained with terrorists to save face or salvage dying political careers. In 2015, Barrack Hussein Obama paid Iran a $400,000,000 ransom in exchange for four Americans detained in Tehran. Obama also swapped five Taliban freedom fighters for Bowe Bergdahl, a disgraced United States Army soldier who was held captive from June 2009 to May 2014 by the Taliban-aligned Haqqani network in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Republicans, too, have dealt with terrorists on terrorists’ terms.  In 1985, Israel released about 700 prisoners — with tacit American approval — in what Robert Oakley, a former State Department counterterrorism coordinator, described to PBS as a “quid pro quo” for the freedom of Americans held hostage on a hijacked TWA flight. Wary of public perception, the Reagan administration allowed Israel to claim that the prisoner release was pre-planned — and independent of any terrorist pressure — instead of formally requesting a swap. Probably the quintessential example of negotiating with terrorists dates back to the Iran Contra scandal, in which elements of the Reagan administration sold missiles and weapons to Tehran for the partial release of American hostages held in Lebanon.

Thus, Trump—if he seals the deal—is in good company.  Our source, however, says Trump had help arriving at a decision. Recently, Trump met with his British and French counterparts, Theresa May and Emmanuel Macron, both of whom agreed to contribute financially to secure peace in the Koreas.

“In closed-door sessions, Trump discussed North Korea with Macron and May. It was mutually agreed that paying a sizable fee to offset NK’s economic woes was preferable to risking war on the peninsula or abroad. Five nations said they’d contribute funds to stabilize NK’s economy. Besides the US, the UK, France, and South Korea, China playa a huge part in all this.”

Our source said Chinese President Xi Jin Ping brokered the deal when Kim Jung-un visited Beijing late last month. After three tenuous meetings, Jin Ping asked Jung un what he wanted in trade for abandoning his nuclear proliferation efforts. Jung un said six billion dollars year, and Jin Ping took that information to western governments.

“Trump wanted limelight. He agreed, conditionally. He insisted he be credited as being a key architect of the plan. He said if it worked, he’d contribute 4 billion dollars a year, with the other nations making up the difference. For comparison, the United States typically pays $35bn dollars a year on foreign economic aid,” our source said.

“Naturally, Kim Jung-un smiled. It means a lot of money to a starving nation. For all we know, this might have been Un’s plan all along.”

The United State’s contribution, for what it is worth, will not use taxpayer dollars to fill Jung-un’s heavy pockets with more money. Cayman Island slush funds—a government term used to describe illicitly gained monies from opiate operations in Afghanistan—will fund the US’s obligation.

In closing, our source says we may have finally have peace on the Korean Peninsula, but at what cost? If Kim Jung-un successfully blackmailed five superior powers, what’s to stop another despicable leader from demanding concessions from worldly neighbors.

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