Trump Pens Cryptic Note to Putin; Nibiru Disclosure in Jeapordy

A Washington source wishing to remain anonymous said Donald Trump sent Russian President Vladimir Putin a cryptic three-word message: “Be careful, please.” In and of itself this could mean anything, but the timing and method of delivery alludes to Putin’s Nibiru disclosure, which at least one Russian source said will occur on November 4.

According to our source, who refused to speculate on the note’s meaning, the message was not sent via a telephone call, email, or tweet; Trump penned the vague memo on White House stationary, sealed it within an envelope, and handed it off to United States of America Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman, Jr. He, our source said, chartered a flight to Moscow, with orders to deliver the correspondence directly into the hands of Vladimir Putin.

Huntsman reportedly touched down Monday afternoon (Moscow time) at Ostafyevo International Business Airport, an airfield owned by the Russian Ministry of Defense and typically reserved for international business flights. Research and historical precedence indicates numerous flights arriving at Ostafyevo, which since 2007 has been designated an international airport in name only, do so without an active “Mode C” transponder signal and often squawk 7777—a military intercept signal—upon entering Russian airspace.

“The lack of a ‘Mode C’ in combination with the 7777  code means these flights are arriving clandestinely, seeking to avoid public scrutiny. Although you’ll never hear about this in the press, flights coming into Andrews Air Force Base and other sensitive installations also adhere to this protocol. Basically, Trump wanted his message to reach Putin without any chance of anyone intercepting it before Huntsman reached Moscow.”

Even though our Washington source declined to speculate on Trump’s message, our Russian operative, Strelnikov Isaac Stepanovich, provided shocking information that might illuminate Trump’s meaning. In past months, Stepanovich said, the American Deep State, systemic Russian opposition parties, and the Vatican has threatened Putin. Each of these entities, he adds, has worked tirelessly to silence Putin on all issues pertaining to Nibiru. Unconfirmed reports state in the last six months Putin survived two assassination attempts, both of which the Kremlin and Russian Ministry of Defense quickly buried.

“The Trump memo,” Stepanovich said, “may have been a warning to President Putin, that disclose carries with it many unforeseen consequences. What weight this message carries—I do not know. Putin gets many threats from abroad; most of them he dismisses. Some he takes seriously. Like threats to petroleum. Perhaps Trump’s message had something to do with that. Right now information coming out of the Kremlin is scarce.”

When asked for additional details on that threat, Stepanovich said that in October Russian Federal Security forces uncovered a Vatican-sponsored plot to cripple the nation’s petroleum industry. As the world’s largest exporter of natural gas, Russia relies on global exports to support its infrastructure and military industrial complex. Damage to the industry, he said, would plunge the Russian economy into an unrecoverable tailspin.

The Vatican scheme, he explained, involved introducing an exotic chemical into petroleum, after which a process he described as “hydrolization” instantly mutates gasoline into a water-like substance, rendering it inert. Only small amounts of the chemical—five parts per million—are needed to create a cascading reaction, he said.

“Imagine if this chemical was injected into pipelines. That’s the end of Russia. What happens if the Pope tells Putin don’t talk about Nibiru or we destroy your gasoline? This is certainly something he has to think about. It’s quite likely American government knows about this, too, and your President Trump’s note might have been a subtle nudge telling Putin not to talk about Nibiru until a means be found to counter this potential threat. There is one other possibility for the note I can think of.”

Trump may be asking Putin to delay disclosure, he said, because credible intelligence points to massive civil unrest in the United States on November 4. Radical, left-leaning ANTIFA protests are predicted to occur in major cities across the nation and, according a few conservative news outlets, rioters vowing to stop “Trump’s reign of terror” have planned a civil war to topple the government. At the same time, the United States Department of Defense will be conducting a blackout drills to assess our infrastructure’s ability to survive earth-facing X-class solar flares and possibly EMP attacks.

These distractions, Stepanovich said, risk diluting Putin’s message and might on that day prevent his voice from reaching a receptive, global audience.

“Both Trump and Putin understand the complications. And if Trump truly seeks a Putin disclosure, I am sure that he, like Putin, want to reach the largest possible audience, at the best time, without blowback. What happens on November 4 right now is anyone’s guess; the ball, as they say, is in Putin’s court,” Stepanovich said.

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