Trump-Putin to Discuss ET Threat and Nibiru

Next month, the world’s two most powerful leaders will meet in a mutually convenient third country to discuss a wide spectrum of issues currently cycling through the media. The gathering is tentatively scheduled for July 16, in Helsinki, but may change due to security concerns. Regardless of location, the table talk will likely include mundane discussions on Syria and the Ukraine. But a pair of reliable sources say those subjects are merely fluff to give rabid news networks something interesting to talk about while Putin and Trump discuss matters of far more Earthly importance—the extraterrestrial threat to humanity and the approach of Nibiru.

Former KGB agent Strelnikov Isaac Stepanovich says Putin has waged a clandestine war on several species of extraterrestrial invaders, including the Anunnaki, the Reptilians, and a race of amorphous beings so grotesque that even gazing upon one can induce a spontaneous cardiac arrest in a human. Putin hopes to bring Trump into the fold so their combined might stands a chance of preventing the human race from being extinguished, enslaved, or eaten. The groundwork for such a union, Stepanovich now believes, was established last November when Trump and Putin met briefly at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit (APEC) summit in Vietnam. Putin warned Trump of the growing alien threat, and the American president tacitly acknowledged action must be taken to protect and preserve humanity.

A White House source wishing to remain anonymous seems to confirm Stepanovich’s assertions. He said the November meeting sparked Trump’s interest in constructing a “space force” and that Trump and Putin have since communicated privately several times regarding the creation of an effective extraterrestrial deterrent.

“Each nation has a vested interest in killing these alien infestations,” our White House source said. “If Russia is developing the weapons, we can develop the craft to house those weapons. These species are technologically superior and we need to advance our own combined technologies to thwart their evil intentions.”

Although specifics remain a mystery, he said successful talks would likely prompt a joint United States-Russian declaration followed by public disclosure.

As to Nibiru, Stepanovich said Russian scientists at Ussuriysk Astrophysical Observatory have recalculated and refined Nibiru’s arrival date. Originally, Russian scholars predicted the dark star would reach perigee between November 2020 and February 2021; they have narrowed their projection to a twenty-one day window within the four-month timespan. Stepanovich said he does not know the dates but promised to share information as it becomes available.

However, he said Putin wants to compare notes with Trump and possibly form a multinational coalition to spare humankind from the worst of Nibiru’s wrath. Putin has already forged a Nibiru alliance with Turkish President Erdoğan and China’s Xi-Jing Ping. Putin wants all nations to abandon selfish ambitions and unite under a common banner to defeat organic or inorganic intergalactic dangers.

“Time for petty bickering and stupid wars must end,” Stepanovich said. “Otherwise, this civilization will be crushed by Nibiru or exsanguinated by human-hungry extraterrestrials. Take your pick.”

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