Trump Tweets About NIBIRU

On Thursday afternoon, at approximately 2:47 PM (EST) a congratulatory tweet emerged from President Donald J. Trump’s “famous” twitter account. The message was short and simple: “Nibiru beaten. We win.” However, within seconds of being posted, the tweet mysteriously vanished from not only his twitter account but also from internet archival records.

The report stems from testimony given by former MI6 operative Christopher Steele, who says he glimpsed the tweet just before it was mysteriously purged from Trump’s “beautiful” twitter account. The tweet, Steele said, was Trump’s response to a classified intelligence report stating that a 2.2km ‘Nibiru fragment’ had been destroyed in space. Early last month, Russian astronomer Dr. Dyomin Damir Zakharovich alerted the world to a potential threat—an asteroid-like object, ejected from the Nibiru system, was due to strike Earth on 16 February. Donald Trump clandestinely mustered foreign leaders in a bid to save the world from extinction; an eight-nation coalition had launched a barrage of advanced interceptor missiles at the target, destroying it early Tuesday morning.

According to our British source, Steele spoke of Trump’s tweet after analyzing a series of highly sensitive intelligence reports detailing Trump’s deliberations regarding the Nibiru system.

“Once Trump heard that the fragment, officially named 2016 WF9, had spiraled behind the dark side of the Sun and began speeding toward Earth, he jumped to action. His mission was a success. He couldn’t wait to tweet about it. He was riddled with anxiety, like a kid in a candy store yearning for a chocolate bar. I’m surprised Trump got the tweet out at all. He must have circumvented his handlers,” Steele told our source.

Trump’s proclivity for impetuous tweeting is legendary. More than once, aides have failed to confiscate Trump’s custom-made 24kt gold, diamond accentuated IPhone, from which he unleashes myriad of seemingly witless banter. Usually reliable sources said that Trump was warned against prematurely tweeting about Nibiru, especially because the United States government is still trying to confirm an OPSEC report that the Nibiru system itself has stalled in space and no longer threatens Earth.

But Trump apparently confused the Nibiru fragment with the Nibiru system.

“Make no mistake,” Steele told our source, “Trump is a brilliant man with brilliant ideas. But he has so much on his mind—it’s perfectly reasonable that he mistook the asteroid for Nibiru. The tweet was there for but a fraction of a second, then gone. How that happened is a mystery even to me.”

Our source, however, dug deep into the bowels of Washington and ferreted out the reason why Trump’s tweet inexplicably vanished.

Trump’s chief strategist, Stephen K. Bannon, had paid three twitter employees an undisclosed sum of money to personally monitor Trump’s twitter feed. Their duties included editing or deleting tweets containing the word Nibiru. To avoid the appearance of impropriety, Bannon instructed the twitter employees to delete as few tweets as possible, while amending others with benign words and phrases. If all information is accurate, the unnamed twitter employees routinely replaced the word ‘Nibiru’ with either ‘Iran’ or ‘Mexico.’

“Incredible. Really incredible,” our source said. “But even a glance at Trump’s twitter account lends credibility to this. Many tweets about Iran and Mexico just make no sense whatsoever. From what I learned, Trump has made over 100 tweets about Nibiru since he started campaigning for the presidency. All of them, without exception, have been altered or wiped clean. That much is certain.”

What’s uncertain is why high-ranking administration members are hindering Trump’s desire to embrace a topic of worldwide importance. Regardless, despite occasional bouts of perplexing confusion, President Trump seems destined to overcome all obstacles and to make Nibiru awareness one of his highest presidential priorities.

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            That the President would believe in Nibiru is totally believable; stranger things have happened at the White House.

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            The President is afraid of imaginary threats from Iranian children and of Syrian grandmothers. Why shouldn’t he also be fearful of Nibiru?

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    Why would the powers that be and the Vatican go to such links to shut people up, if there was nothing to Nibiru. They know the masses would go ballistic. Chaos and destruction would be rampant. Why do you think the elit, the rich and our politicians have underground bunkers. They think they are going to be protected while the rest of us will be turned into Cheetos. You debunkers wake up you are being used. Nibiru is real and it’s coming. Nibiru is not the only horrors coming, I believe we are in tribulation now. read your bible, Nibiru in Revelations is called Wormwood. All you can do is pray and get right with God Almighty…

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  • Jared Nielsen

    Oh man, Trump got wrong Nibiru. Nibiru is red planet not asteroid. Idiot Trump. You’re failure. Nibiru is coming is still there in space. Nibiru is like Monster planet bigger than Earth to spin up and shower meteors at Earth while passing the Earth in Future. Use your brain. You can’t destroyed Nibiru unless God has plan to come. You can’t destroyed God’s presence all of us. Only God will tell angels to reap soul for good people. And bad people will be tare burning in fire unless they must believe in God’s favorite son named Jesus or Yeshua. Then you are required to forgive yourself and other people and show love another. That’s how you can get everlasting life that can’t destroyed yourself if you believe in Jesus even Yeshua too. So the point that God and Angels win battle on Earth to bring reap soul back and bring dead back to life on Earth to rejoice the God Salvation in Future. We all meet your and my family of old back together forever. That’s good news about Nibiru battle between Earth and Heaven. You see what I mean. Don’t worry and be happy. Focus on you family and need be prepare for your family. Ok that’s all I need to tell you.