U.S. Special Forces in Venezuela; Boots on the Ground!

Nibiru News/ Someonesbone.com has confirmed a previously posted Russian intelligence brief claiming that United States Special Forces are in Venezuela working alongside opposition leader Juan Guaido to overthrow Nicolas Maduro. The Russian report, although incomplete, asserts that a sizable U.S. force will help Guaido provide humanitarian aid and relief supplies to Venezuelan citizens, a move Maduro has thus far blocked, saying western assistance is unwelcome in his country, and, if necessary, assassinate Maduro.

Our White House source, while not providing operational details, said President Trump on Tuesday authorized limited military intervention to support Guaido’s mission in the name of democracy. According to our source, elements of the 7th Special Forces Group from Eglin Airforce Base, FL, soldiers from the 75th Ranger Regiment, and Delta Force Operators (1SFOD-D) arrived in Venezuela Wednesday under cover of darkness. Without giving specifics, he said the officer in charge of 7th Special Forces Group received instructions to liaison with Guaido and train rebel forces with contemporary weapons and counter-insurgency techniques.  The Rangers, he added, were deployed in case the situation heats up and additional firepower is needed to squash Maduro’s forces. Historically secretive, Delta’s charge remains unknown, but it’s likely they’re covertly surveilling Maduro’s lavish 6,500 square-foot estate on the outskirts of Caracas should President Trump order a direct strike on Maduro or his family.

“I can tell you this. The chess pieces are in play, and Trump is ready to act on a moment’s notice. I can’t give the exact disposition of U.S. forces, and honestly I don’t know everything, but the president is taking this issue very seriously—otherwise he would not have authorized boots on ground. One thing I know for sure is this is more than just about delivering food and much needed medical supplies to the veneslaun people. This a powder keg ready to blow.”

An overt engagement would be precarious, he added, because U.S. SOCOM forces have spotted both Chinese and Russian tanks massing near San Cristobal along the Columbian border. The foreign armored vehicles have so perfectly blended into Venezuela’s military that it will be impossible to isolate and destroy a Venezuelan target without causing collateral damage to Russian or Chinese assets. Such a happenstance could ignite World War III.

“I’m concerned this could get out of control. It could get out of control and people will die,” our source said. “Nevertheless, Trump is being cautious. He’s put the pieces in motion but hasn’t yet ordered them into action, as far as I know. But this country usually doesn’t put elite forces on enemy soil without a plan to use them,” our source said.

Although conflict escalation seems imminent, our source thinks there is a slight chance Trump’s pivotal decision to deploy troops might be precautionary, to give Maduro and his allies a moment of pause. Russian and Chinese intelligence in on par with the United States, and Vladimir Putin has already accused Trump of sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong.

“Putin has been losing popularity in Russia, and the Pentagon believes he’s reverting to his K.G.B.  roots. He allegedly said Russia is ready for another Cuban Missile Crisis if the United States wants one and will place hypersonic missiles on ships and submarines near U.S.  Territorial waters if Trump tries to eliminate Maduro,” our source said.

If all information is accurate, the Venezuelan crisis has created a fresh rift between the world’s two most powerful leaders. Until recently, they had several clandestine yet amicable conversations, praising each other’s leadership over their respective nations. One thing is certain: U.S. troops and Russian or Chinese hardware in close proximity to each other is a recipe for potential disaster.

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