United Nations Troops Embedded in New York Police Department

Over 250 United Nations “peace keepers” are currently embedded in at least one New York county police department, says a Nassau County police official whose shocking claim supports allegations that elements of the US government have surreptitiously allowed foreign troops on American soil.

Popular assertions suggest these troops might be used against law-abiding Americans if the government declares martial law and domestic law enforcement refuses orders to capture or kill civilians. Such an act circumvents the Posse Comitatus Act, which limits powers of the federal government in using federal military personnel to enforce domestic policies within the United States. Passed in 1956 and amended in 1981, the act mentions only the army, not the navy, air force, Marine Corps, or National Guard. Nor does it restrict law enforcement agencies from enlisting foreign aid.

While our source did not speculate on the peacekeepers’ overall agenda, he did provide information pivotal to understanding the Deep State’s fear of civil insurrection.

He said 250 UN troops—referred to as advisors or consultants–arrived at Nassau County police headquarters in Mineola, NY during the latter half of 2017. On arrival, they were briefed by county officials and, our source believes, agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Alarmingly, agents posed them with a disturbing question: Are you willing to fire upon American Citizens. They unanimously said “yes.”

“They agreed to abide by all orders, including the killing of civilians. Keep in mind,  they all didn’t arrive at once. Fifteen to twenty at a time received indoctrination. From what I understand, they collectively represent many UN countries.  They speak fluent English in addition to their native languages. They flew from Brussels to JFK airport, and were bussed into Nassau County,” our source said.

They received credentials identifying them as law enforcement agents, and were issued a sidearm, a Sig Saur P226, in addition to unrestricted quantities of live ammunition. They likely have access to a wide variety of small arms. They trained alongside county officers and received instructions on how to blend into American society.

“They don’t wear uniforms or carry visible badges, but have id cards similar to those carried by detectives. Right now, after training, they aren’t on active duty, but they’ve been given standby orders. Standby for what? That even I don’t have clue. But there’s so much more,” our source said.

He said each “advisor” received an unmarked Cadillac CT6 with distinct license plates, which, if scanned, return a message reading “Ward of the state. Do not apprehend.” Moreover, they have been granted diplomatic immunity against prosecution.

“In essence, they got a lot of authority. They’re even getting dual paychecks, one from the UN and another from the county. And yes, those are taxpayer dollars. So working Americans are unknowingly financing the entire operation. It’s my opinion this mess is a beta test for a larger operation. I have no idea if the same thing is going on in other counties or states, but we should all be very concerned,” our source explained.

Their spectrum of authority includes “special arrest,” a seldom-used clause that empowers an officer to “arrest anyone for any reason or no reason,” and authorizes the use of deadly force, including the discharge of firearms, without fear of recrimination.

In closing, evidence of UN troops on US soil grows each day. In December, a fringe County Commissioner in Cook County, Illinois, went to New York City to request that the United Nations deploy “peacekeeping” troops in Chicago. For nearly a decade, photographs and video showing United Nations vehicles and armored personnel carriers have surfaced on the internet, exposing the government’s willingness to betray and deceive the population.

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